Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tuesday and maybe a Toothbrush down the Toilet?!

Today, Tuesday. The kids' bathroom toilet is not flushing. Even after a good plunging by Cliff this morning. Remember I said there is a toothbrush missing?! And we looked EVERYWHERE. My guess is that the toothbrush is clogging the toilet.I woke up and thought of that when I heard the complaints and grumblings of my hubby and the sound of the plunger going lol.

Remember there was another toothbrush in the toilet last week...that was Carly's. But Caroline's toothbrush is still missing. I betcha Caroline's Strawberry Shortcake toothbrush is in the drink. EWWWWHHHH.

So, Cliff has turned the water off in the bathroom for now. Looks like we add taking toilet off and trying to see what is jamming up the plumbing this weekend to the weekend list. Oh JOY!

I have locked the bathroom today, as I did that yesterday too. The kids are only allowed to use the powder room downstairs now.


Anonymous said...

Oh my dear cuz. I have been reading your past days' events (entries). Never, ever a dull moment in your busy household (is there?) I feel for you and Cliff both. You DON'T have it easy, that is for sure.
Hang in there!
p.s. it's ok to complain and grumble. I know you don't like to but it gets it out and it'll help in the long run.
Love you! Andrea xo

Anonymous said...

Hi Cathy,

I hope you get your toilet fixed without too much trouble. What a week you had. I don't feel so alone now, I thought things like that only happened at my house. Congrats on your weight loss again this week. I have signed up too on the Sparkspeople. Thanks.

Also, one thing I had to do with my #4 was put his sleepers on backwards, then he couldn't take it off and get at his diaper. Give it a try if you have anymore trouble. lol.

Have a great week,

Haley - Mom to 5

Kerry said...

What is the fascination with toothbrushes and toilets? LOL Maybe it's the square peg in the round hole syndrome, and it's a challenge to see if that toothbrush can swim!

Good luck with the toilet extraction...not fun there.

Smiley Eyes Photography said...

It sounds like you have been having an interesting week, to say the least !!

Allyson said...

A generation earlier, I could have given you the cup that went with the toothbrush! Your little sis, Amy put one down in the only toilet, gasp-yes folks-5 people-1 johnny on the spot and its' plugged. Had to call in a plumber who snaked out the cup.
So sorry you are having all these difficulties of late my dear. I spoke to Granny and she made a suggestion that I will speak to you about on the telephone. It just might work! xxxxoooo

Alyson said...

I think you need to attach those toothbrushes to string ;)

ticblog said...

It wasn't toothbrushes - it was a platics block then plastic foliage. The triangle cookie cutter what done 'er in, and now we have a lovely planter in our back graden, and a new throne in the biffy...

My sister once reminded me that some species eat their young if they are irritated by them... good thing kids are cute or they'd never make it to see kindergarten.