Monday, February 04, 2008

Immunizations x 2

Today was an interesting day. Both Caroline and Courtney had their immunizations today FINALLY at the same appointment. I took Cliff along for the double set today! Caroline is 3 months behind hers from a cold. And so FINALLY her 18 month shots are done at 21 months. Courtney had her first shots (2 months) a bit late ALSO due to a cold.

Caroline weighs in at a wonderful 27 pounds (my little tank!!) only a pound less than our Catie Girl. She is in the 95th percentile for weight. She receieved 2 needles and two more to go in 2 months and then we are done until Kindergarten! YES!! Caroline didn't like the needles. The first one no tears, the second one she cried. She was happy when she got her gummies though. We gave her Tylenol when we got home as she said OWwH, and Hurt. My leg hurt. She went to bed really well.

Courtney, our dear little baby (well not so little anymore) she weighed in at 13lbs 14oz. So close to 14 pounds!(She was 7lbs 8oz at birth)She is in the 90th percentile for weight and is doing well. She received 4 needles today (two in each leg) We go back in 2 more months for the next round of 4. She wasn't a happy camper after, but has done fine tonight.

So, in two months we have a quadruple appointment. Cliff needs his Twinrix for work, Caroline her 2 more shots, Courtney her follow up 4 at 4 months. Me, my check up (first postpartum exam) and then we are good until Courtney is just over six months for more shots.

It was a really LONG appointment, and we did not get home though the door until almost 6 pm. Then it was a push to get the dinner on the table, books read (two kids) read the notices for school, and bathe and teeth brushed and then into bed. Thankfully all of the 6 are in bed right now.

Now, it is time for a cup of tea, and make lunches and get into bed HOPEFULLY before midnight tonight. We seem to be burning the midnight oil these days just trying to 'get it all done'

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Alyson said...

How come four needles??
I thought it was two??