Thursday, February 14, 2008

12 years ago today

Some of the many cookies the kids baked with Nonna for us, and for their classmates and for their teachers. Carly carried the above to us and said Happy Valentines Day and presented this plate to us. Notice the 2 big cookies and the six little cookies representing each member of our family...

All of the Valentines on the mantel this morning! So festive!

The popcorn ready to be popped for Carly's classroom party. And and container of heart-shaped cookies for each classroom.

2/7 Valentines all ready to party today!


I guess I could say that I *heart* Valentines Day. In the past, there were some OK Valentines Days, some boring ones. Some that were spent single with my sisters. The one that stands out the most to me was going to a movie in a mega snow fall with my sister Amy,and then doing donuts in the old cul-de-sac in the snow for fun. Oh to be young and carefree again.

But, I have to go back to 12 years ago and 1 day when Cliff and I had our very first date together. We went to see Sense and Sensibility! That was February 13th. The very next day we has our very first Valentines Day together (our second date) at the Flying Beaver at a singles party there. The very next day we had our third date! I was in love with this man from the first date I would say. And, the rest is history we say.

Hard to believe that we have had 12 Valentines days together already! And now, when I look around the house I as so blessed to have 6 more little beautiful valentines to love each and every day. Valentines Day now is more about the kids we created together out of our love that started those 12 years and 1 day ago.

Today, all of the kids had cookies for breakfast and we prepare to get the kids to all of their parties wearing their festive colours for the day!

I *heart* Valentines Day

(have a heart-filled day and love and enjoy each other today, and always...)

Happy Valentines Day to all of my family and friends and all who are dear to us.

We love you all



Kerry said...

Awww..those cookies are too cute! :) And a very festive house!

ticblog said...

You baked and decorated enough cookies for each classroom, and all I could muster was (barely) the strength to go buy the peanut-free Smarties for the kids...

It's cute you had your first date teh day BEFORE Valentine's. Was that so the pressure of being romantic was off, in case you didn't really click? And your second date was at a joint called the Flying Beaver? OMG - tears rolling down my cheeks - so, way, too, HAHA haaaaaa lol

What an awesome story, Cathy! lol.

MurrayvilleMom said...

Thanks Kerry!

And H: I did NOT bake MIL (love her to pieces) did all of the baking with them! I would be buying the Smarties too lol!

And yes, at that point in my life I didn't really like V-Day lol. So yes, first date the pressure was off lol! And yes, the Flying Beaver...It is a cool little pub that sits overlooking the mighty Fraser River where you can watch the seaplanes land. Lovely. Cliff and I left that night and went dt Vancouver to a gay club to play pool until the wee hours of the night. I worked the next morning lol. Oh, the good ol' days.

Allyson said...

That Nona is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!!!! I think the right grandparents live close by you :)

I remember that "love match-up/botchup" at the Flying Beaver like it was yesterday. I also remember one young lady coming home and being very chatty about a certain young mister. You might not have been matched up as partners that night at the Flying Beaver but you sure and for certain are now. xxxxxooooo

Yvonne said...

You are so festive for Valentine's Day .... we do nothing! Other than the kids bringing something small to school for the other kids and teacher!

Anonymous said...

Ooooooh look at all that girly pink!