Sunday, February 03, 2008

How was your Week Cathy!?

Well, only Claire ended up sick. Cameron complained of a sore tummy this week, as did Carly. But nobody got ill. So that is good.

I can tell you it has been a week from you know where. SO bad and that is why I haven't been blogging. This week seems like a total write off. I cannot BELIEVE all of the crazy things that happened in our house. At one point this week I was ready to just pack up and walk away from it all. Seriously. That kind of bad week. I know you all have them, and I usually don't like to complain and grumble. But the week really wore me down. Wore on my patience level that is for sure.

Lets see:

*Another missing toothbrush

*Toothbrush in the toilet (one that obviously is not missing)

*Poop on a T-Shirt, Poop in 4 pairs of undies, and 1 pair totally soaked in pee, hidden in the laundry basket.

*Dirty undies in a drawer, dirty undies under the bed.

*Dirty undies under the dresser.

*Finger prints on EVERY window in the house

*A hiding child, who takes off all of her clothing and refuses to put back on

*A diaper off in the crib, and poop all over the carpet

*A child who took the vanity bench, took out a drawer and climbed into the linen closet to get toothpaste (did I tell you I cannot leave ANYTHING in the bathroom)

*A house key taken off the key ring and hidden in the office, and a child in the pantry in the garage at 5 in the morning looking for food to eat (I SWEAR WE FEED OUR KIDS LOL)

*Second day, the OTHER (Second) house key taken off of the key ring and hidden in the house. SAME child!

*Somebody climbed into the 'treat' cabinet and ate 2 - 100 cal pack of chocolate and threw the wrappers in the bathroom garbage (find a better spot next time kids)

*A big girl who decided to pee standing up (and peed all over the bathroom floor in the process)

*Kids who are constantly escaping and getting into the garage and putting on boots

*Stealing my shoes and wearing them all throughout the house

*Leaking diapers into pants

*Leaking diapers into sleepers

*Rat poop in the shed...yuck. Big rat? Big rats? I don't know.

*Special arm pit cream (for Coco) hidden and found behind our chair in or Master Bedroom with wipes. Most of the tube gone.

*A handful of wipes under the dining room table

*A star carved into the window ledge in the living room

*Permanent pen marks in window ledge of the family room

*Kids climbing on the tables

*Furniture with smears of dirt on them

*Pencils and pens on everything EXCEPT the paper

*Fresh laundry dumped on the floor

*Missing my 3 pairs of socks and finding them in a wardrobe!

*Countless break intos the pantry to get food! (seriously! I feed the kids LOTS!)

*Many poo poo accidents

*A child who wore 6 pairs of panties in one day and they were all CLEAN

*A child who decided to get into Mommy's make up (The good stuff) and ruin 3 pots of Lancome. And started in on the h cream.

*A child who wants to be on the computer to see the 'snowman' on and then starts the printer over and over

*Somebody opened a brand new peanut butter, when there was one in the fridge...grhhh.

Those are some of the 'highlights' of my week/our week. Feels good to let them all go here. You know, that feeling when it is just such a crappy day and you just want it to be over...but it never ends. And you wish for a brand new day to have a fresh start. And then that day turns sour, that is how the whole week has gone down. I swore I would not let the kids get the best of me, but I think they 'won' this week. And Cliff and I lost it. Seriously lost it.

I was excited for the weekend, but yesterday was Groundhog Day. And truly, most of my life feels like Groundhog Day. I live the same day (different issues) but the same day each and every day. I felt really bored and frustrated all week.

Today, has been OK. I am SOOOOO glad the sun is out. That makes thing a lot better.

I know my Groundhog Day starts again tomorrow. Different day, same grind. I need to mix things up. I need to find solutions to some of the many issues I face on a daily basis. I am just not sure what to do?!

You know that "If you give a Mom a Muffin" thing? Well, if you give me a muffin in the morning on a plate, I will have to eat it after the kids have eaten.

And when I finally go to take a bite, somebody upstairs will need toothpaste re-applied because somebody sucked off the toothpaste. When I find the toothpaste, because it was hidden under somebodies pillow. I will then notice the dust bunnies hiding under the bed, along with 4 pairs of dirty pants, and undies. I will pick up the clothing and put it in the hamper. I will make a mental note to vacuum upstairs today. And in the hamper will be toys that belong to my son, and one to my youngest daughter. So,I put those back into their respective rooms.

I then hear my name MOM being called once again because somebody is into the pantry downstairs and the Cheerios are all over, so I go back downstairs, and get the vacuuum out. And then I hear the garage door open because I have to go check on that. Kids are escaping when I am upstairs putting out yet another fire. I close the door finally, and I scurry the kids out, and now the Cheerios have spread down the hallway and all over the carpet. And the little girls have now pulled out the plastic bowls to put their Cheerios into. There is a colourful trail of bowls lining the hallway. I am just glad one didn't end up in the toilet today.

Meanwhile upstairs I hear rustling, and the closet doors are banging, and there is a child in there climbing up the closet shelves. I get her down, and finally get the Cheerios cleaned up. I get the vacuum put away. And, then I see that the recycling has been pulled out. I put that away. Right, my muffin. I thought I left it on the counter way back towards the wall. The plate is now hanging off the edge of the counter. I push it back to where I left it. Now, the chair is there, and I need to put it back at the table. And then I notice the dried on food on the table, so I grab the cloth and start wiping it, as that is where I am going to sit. The kids get out the brand new roll of paper towels I just bought at 11 pm last night at the grocery store. And now, the new roll is rolled out down the hallway like the 'red carpet.' Except I don't feel very much like a movie star. I roll the paper towel up. I head back for my muffin. And my muffin has the top removed. While I was busy, the kids ate my muffin top.

I grab a chair and sit down to finally eat the bottom of my muffin, and then I suddenly have 5 kids swarming around me, wanting my muffin. I notice the crumbs on their faces, I wipe them down and their sticky hands. You already had muffin, and you also ate breakfast! This is my breakfast. On my plate is a small bite sized piece left. I sit back down and take that one bite. Just as I sit down to bite the muffin, the baby is crying and her diaper has leaked through. I pop the piece of muffin into my mouth, grab the baby and go change the baby. And spray that outfit right away so that the stain doesn't set in the clothes. I plop it in the laundry room and realize the the laundry needs to be switched. SO I switch it, and then I start a baby load. Now, it is a good I froze some muffins. Maybe at lunch I can have a muffin all to myself? Not a chance!!

Groundhog Day. Yes, my life is just like I actually do not eat muffins all that much, but you can pretty much change it out to an apple or whatever...but seriously. This is how my life is on a daily basis.

Just thought I would put it out there...this week I wondered WHY we had kids in the first place...but they are great when they are sleeping!


AmberP said...

Oh my dear friend Cathy... how I wish I could come and swoop you up for a few days and take you on an extravagant hot week away from LIFE!!!!! You are an amazing mom... not sure I have any advice but I wanted to sent my cyber hugs to you!!

Jillian Kirby said...

I don't think any of us can truly understand what you're going through... just reading that post got me exhausted and ready for bed!!

All I can say is, You need a break sista! Let's set a day/time and let's go OUT and shoot!! C'MON!!

You feed Coco, we go to the park, come back to feed Coco if needed and on our way again! You need it lady!!

Hang in there... this week is BOUND to get better!!

MurrayvilleMom said...

Thanks you guys! I am thankful for blogging and the friends that come on here and support me lol!

I am feeling good, but can hardly type because I worked out with weights tonight!

J: Soon! Maybe on the weekend? Thanks, and I am taking you up on your offer!

Irma said...

Ah Cathy hang in will get through it! I can quite picture the scenario! Trust me. Maybe you have to try and 'corral' the little kids to a couple rooms of the house? Do you have that option or is your house an open concept? some days are so frustrating, one step forward and two steps backward! Hugs to you! Don't forget to get your helps immensely to get you through the day a little more sane! (-:

Kerry said...

While I was reading that, I couldn't believe that the list kept on going. I scrolled and scrolled...and more! By the time I was done reading it all, my open mouth was all dried out! I am in awe. And man, are you one girl who deserves a muffin in PEACE!

Alyson said...

sorry your week was sooo busy! what is it with changing the underwear so many times? I just did laundry and I know for sure there are not 20 days in a week. seriously.....keep the undies on people!!
and the poo...oh the poo. That would make me cry....a lot.