Thursday, February 07, 2008

Pantry sneaks

This morning our lovely children were up at 5 am. 5 am. Why? To get into the locked pantry and get the semi sweet baking squares. I bet they were really good lol. Less temptation for me lol. Just kidding. Cameron found one square left under the TV armoire. He put it back in the cupboard. The thing with having so many kids, you never get the true story. I could ask all the kids until I am BLUE in the face who ate the chocolates. I will never hear the truth lol. So, instead I just let it go. Let it go. So what right!? I guess they were hungry.

We actually got into bed at 11:30 last night. I was up several times with Cocobean. She was a bit fussy last night. Oh well. Cannot complain. She is a great baby.

Today is Nonna's 59th bday. We are going to make dinner for her tonight and have an angel food cake with her! Got to keep the food in check...even on birthdays.


Beth said...

I'm really enjoying your blog Cathy! I can almost feel what it is like to have so many kids. You are so non-plussed about everything, though, and I sooo admire that. Thanks for all the laughs!

ticblog said...

I prefer the chocolate chips to the baking chocolate myself...

And I have to laugh about angel food cake for birthday cake: I get two of them for my birthday every year. My mom makes them, the ones from the box with the confetti in them - and there's one for me, and one to share haha!