Thursday, January 10, 2008

Almost Fryday

Yes! The work week is almost over. Doesn't mean the work is done, but it means the weekend is almost here. BUT at least my hubby is around and we can tag team the kids. With our change of habits, eating and plans it has kept us both so busy that we hardly see each other.

We are doing this together, and so we take stuff for 'the team' so that means less time together after the kids go to bed. But hey, if we get this weight off and we are healthier and happier I couldn't be happier. I know we are both feeling good due to the endorphins from all of our exercising. And the nutrition of our healthy eating. It has been really great! Not complaining just putting it out here.

Our little Courtney has been smiling a little but only at me. And only a few times. It is so nice. I just love it. Her face is getting bigger, her body is growing. Her 3 month sleepers are getting tighter. She is still small though when I 'compare' her to her big sis Caroline though. She is a great baby! The other night she slept for about 7 hours I believe BUT I did not. I kept waking to look at her and make sure she was OK. I still worry about her even though she is our 6th. I think it is a Mom thing that never goes away. I still go in and check all of the kids almost every night and if I am busy I send Cliff.

We did Courtney's clay hand print kit a couple of days back. I was laughing to myself when we did it because I just thought 'how routine' of us. We did this for all of the kids. But, for the first we did it at a certain point/time frame, we had help doing it, we took photos of the event and marked it into the baby book (and quite possibly video taped the big event?!) The second one much like the first, and same with the next two and three.

But, for the sixth. I said to Cliff on spare of them moment go get the hand print kit! She is sleeping her hand is relaxed (and she needs a bath.) So, we did it. I was still there sitting on the couch with my nursing flap down and he brought the container to her. So easily and calmly. It is done. No photos, it is not recorded in the baby book. Nothing (well except here in bloggerland.)
In fact I don't even have a baby book for Courtney. Just a calendar. All of the other kids have Calendar AND a baby book. I wonder how my baby will feel about that...probably good as there is less clutter lol. Well that is what I console myself with anyways.

And, for Courtney her little Gerber spoon arrived in the mail today. I have ordered one for each of our girls. Cameron, well no. He received several spoons (lucky first born!!) all silver of course ;D

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Jillian Kirby said...

Bring on the weekend!! Woohoo!!
Have a good one C!