Friday, January 18, 2008

er Day

Here is Catie this morning with new bangs...she was eating her apple and watching her favourite show Super Why. And, Catie just LOVES doing puzzles. She doesn't even want help. This morning she did a 24 piece puzzle of Ariel. And, recently she and Caroline do puzzles quietly together on the floor. Gotta love that!

Take a photo of my foot Mom! And you can see a bit of her hair cut! It has finally grown out since the self hair cut/mullet incident. That was back in June!! A few hair cuts (from a stylist!) later and she is almost back to where she was! She has a cute little bob and soft bangs!!

Here is Caroline already 20 months, and working her way to 21 months. She is sick with a cold and runny nose. She was under the kitchen table when I took this one. She was supposed to go for her 18 month shots but was sick AGAIN!!!! We will try again next month. Courtney is now late too! We are going to do both at the same time!

She is starting to string many new words together. In fact, when I hear her speak to me, I kind of freak out and think, who was that? Then I realize it is her! She uses words like: Thank you Mommy, or Thank you Daddy. Good Night Courtney, Good night Catie. I want apple. I want...and she goes on! I love hearing her voice.

Sleeping Beauty

And, here is my sweet little Courtney who today is already 9 weeks old. She is getting chubbier by the day. She smiles a bit more, and is developing a chubby little face (and neck!) I hear a different cry from her, and she has cooed a bit. Love that.


This morning I went to check in on my son around 4 am, and he was sleeping on the FLOOR. I guess we can get rid of his beds then...who needs them. There is a warm patch on the floor from the heating and he has been sleeping on there for several nights.

Last night Cliff took the 4 eldest kids for their hair cuts. I need to take an after shot! My mom has before shots on her blog. There are also many others there! Thank goodness for blogging Nannie's!

Well, it is Friday today. At school they had 'er' day. They earned house points for their school teams they had to dress up with something that ends in er. So, today Cameron went as a Gardener. Claire and Carly went as Farmers. There were lots of creative costumes at school. Fun to see!


Kerry said...

Too cute! Those girls are growing in beautiful little ladies. Glad to hear that there's no more self-styling with the hair! :)

Allyson said...

Beautiful shots of the 3 stay at homes Cathy. And yes, make sure Catie doesn't find scissors anywhere. Her hair is so sweet and pixie-like, just like her.

And last but not least, I'm loving how you keep changing your profile pictures. Really enjoying that part of your blog too.

Carol said...

They all look so grown up! I love Caties bangs!!!! I have been contemplating bangs on the girls. Hows the maintenance

MurrayvilleMom said...

Carol: We gave her bangs because her hair is so straight and fine and flat. She will NOT wear hair stuff like clips, elastics or barettes so bangs we went...not sure on maintenance tho. I will let you know!!