Thursday, July 05, 2007

Thursday Update

We got great news today, and tonight. The first great news is that my FIL has a clean bill of health! His scan, his scopes, testing today all came out FINE! He goes back in January for another round of tests! But he is HEALTHY and we are so thankful for that news! Now, it is back to work and his favourite...golfing! Yay Dad!

We also got a phone call today from my doc about the ultrasound I had on Tuesday! Our baby is completely healthy and growing well! Yay! We are so excited to meet this little one! Now, to pick a birthday!!

Our three eldest kids, Cameron, Claire and Carly are out camping with my Sis, Tyler and his daughter K! They have been gone for two nights so far, and tonight is their last night! All of the kids are enjoying their very first camping trip! We are so thankful for my Sis and Tyler for giving the kids this WONDERFUL experience! I really miss the kids, and I really look forward to their safe return tomorrow! I know Catie and Caroline really miss their presence!

On Wednesday, I drove the parental units and Catie and Caroline to April's place! We got to see their new place which is coming along so nicely! I am so excited to see the finished product! What a lovely place they will have! My Mom packed a lovely lunch and chocolate goodies! She made us tea, and Abby got to "play" with my two daughters; her cousins! It was great to see them interacting and I cannot wait until Abby and Caroline are a bit older and can run around together! That will be so neat! Thank you for a wonderful visit!! I had a great time, and so did the girls!

Today, I got the two gals down for a nap, and I ended up falling asleep too for about 1.5 hours! Which was divine! Yay for extra sleep! I needed it!

I am glad it is Friday tomorrow! I cannot wait to see the kids! It is very quiet around here, and has been rather EASY! (am I allowed to say that after my "Easy" rant?!) Yup...I can lol! It is my blog after all!


Beth said...

You guys have been busy Cathy! Yay for all the great news, too. I love your blog because it just radiates happiness. I'm sure there are trying and stressful moments in your life, but it's so nice to visit and leave feeling so good. Thanks!

Babzy said...

Hooray for a good week!

PamnPat'sParadise said...

YAY for all the great news in the C family!!!! So happy to hear that everything is going so well and the kids are having a blast.

Mine are going away for the weekend too but I get to have the house to myself - YAY for me too!