Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Tea for Two?

I found a great little table and three little chairs in our downtown core which is a fab lil place!

Hamming up for the camera! Say Cheese! hmmm. Is the extra chair waiting for another sister?

It is Catie's big girl bed!

A great find at the same place! It is an antique bed that practically matches the free bed frames my parents found for us how many years ago?

This certainly wasn't free, but a steal at $150.00 cdn. The nice thing about the bed, is that my In-Laws bought that for Catie so it was free for us!

Thank you Mom and Dad!!


Allyson said...

History repeats itself over and over again my love.

That table is almost exactly like the one we scooped up from a neighbour at Minoah Village so many years ago. 2 little chairs and the white table. Daddy painted them white, they were red when we asked for them. She was delighted to have them go to a family. She would probably be shocked to know that we still have the 1 little chair, which all of your girlies seem to fight over.

About that bed, how wonderful-to match the price-but hey, how often can you walk past someone's house after walking her children to and fro school and find 2 sitting by a house, get up courage, and give them $5.00 a piece for the ones that reside in the big girls' room? I am so glad you found it Cath! xxxxoooo

Anonymous said...

Wow, you've been busy with your blog today. Lot's of great pictures of your little ones.

My word verification ends with "mom".

ticblog said...

Great finds, Cathy!

***********Dawn*********** said...


Great finds! I especially love the little white table and chairs. Your girls are so cute!


Andrea said...

Good eyes cuz. The table and chairs are the ones you spotted when we were out (was it not?) Good find on the bed too!
I went back (on Sunday) to get Matty (and Kirb and I too) a pair of those Crocs (called Dawgs in that store) and the store was closed. I guess we'll hit it this weekend! I had such a nice Saturday with you! (Did Cliff enjoy his wings? Kirb was thankful for the stirfry!) Next time we'll hook the boys (and the kids) up for their OWN fun!
I love you. Andrea xo

Anonymous said...

How perfect! Good score!

Alyson said...

Oh I love love love the table and chairs and the bed!!! I have been searching for bed frames identical to that one!! I figure they would match our old farm house perfectly. sooo jealous :)

And yes...I'm having a better day today. thank you.

Kerry said...

Those are some nice pieces there! The bed will definitely be able to grow with Catie, nice clean design (and very girlie to boot!). And that table is so shabby chic! Love it!