Sunday, February 01, 2009

February will be Fine, February will be FINE!

I am almost afraid of February. I mean I love that my daughter Claire has her birthday, my MIL and I love the fact that around the Valentine's weekend that Cliff and I will have been 'together' for 13 years. So I love that. 

What I don't love is all the bad things that seem to fall in the month of February. I won't go into details, but usually it means sickness, diagnosis of sickness and death, and then more death. Not as happy as I would love, but that is the truth.

My hope is to keep this a February that is full of love, life and laughter! Light hearted, beautiful days ahead! I bought some happy Valentine's fridge magnets to remind my self that once upon a time that I really looked FORWARD to February, and not dreaded the month. Thankfully it is a short month, and then I remember last year when our dear cat Albert died on the leap year. I cannot believe how fast a year goes by. 

So, happy February to you all! I have been a busy woman, to the point where I just want to stop and do nothing. I had a lazy week last week. I didn't run. I didn't eat right. I felt grouchy, worn out and moody. I had a mole removed, 4 stitches put in. I have been fighting a weird painful stomach virus (so have some of the kids) and I cannot not lie, the last week has not been my best. Thankfully after a long run this morning I feel WAY better. A run is like therapy for me. So, I am glad I got back at it. It could have been very easy for me to quit.  This month will bring a few family challenges, that I will handle together with my husband. I am thankful I can depend on him when I need him the most.  

I am re-doing my office, and my bedroom is almost complete. I am looking forward to a start of photo sessions beginning next weekend, that go all the way until the end of June! So, that will be good for my creative side! I think I am missing that right now. So, that will be good to get back in the groove of my life.

So, day one of February! Woo hoo! 


AmberP said...

Happy February Miss Cathy!
I really want this to be a wonderful month for you.
I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed my friend!!!

AmberP said...

I am not sure if my comment went through - but I wanted to say that I LOVE the new layout on your blog. That picture of you is beautiful!!

LauraC said...

I also love the picture of you! I hope you have a good February too. Now that 2008 is behind you, perhaps this can be the February that will turns things around!

(although I am probably feeling particularly perky since we have nice weather!)

Cathy said...

Photo was taken by my friend Carol of Carol Kerfoot Photography!

You can check out her fabulous photography under my links called 'Click Daily'

Allyson said...

Well my darling "original", February is starting off great-you have a wonderful new blog background and picture (love it by the by), and you went for a run today. Momma knows where you were going with February-know it, feel it, understand it. We too hope and pray that this short but winter-packed month will be a good one. And Miss Clairey-she's got a birthday coming up. That in itself is cause for great excitement. Love you, Love your Husband, Love your Family. xxxooo