Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy 8th Birthday {Claire}

Well, today my eldest daughter you are eight. It is hard to believe that eight years ago you surprised us with an early birth (24 days early to be exact!) You are girl who knows what you want, you are passionate. You love to help us in the kitchen. You LOVE watching cooking shows. You know how to flip pancakes, cut up veggies. You help change diapers, and love your little sisters. We couldn't be any more proud of you Claire. I cannot wait to see what cakes you create! I know they will be bold and amazing just like you! I know your creations reflect who you are inside. You are filled with passion Claire! We think that is so great. 

You are artistic, you colour boldly with bright colours. You draw happy images and you love to create things. You work hard in school, and you do your best! 

We have watched you from tiny little baby girl, to a beautiful young girl who has so much to offer the world. Claire, we know you are going to be successful, because you have a positive attitude, you care about others and you love everybody around you. We are proud of you because you help out in the special needs classroom, and you give everything your ALL! 

I love how you dance and sing. You know how to have a good time, and you do things the way you want to do them. We think it is fun that you love to wear your brothers shoes, you fashion outfits out of materials around the house. Like towels, blankets and even belts. Even wearing your night gown like a strapless dress, or tying the arms around your neck to make a cool fashion statement. We think it is even more fun when you help your little sisters do the same, and then model them for us. Even how you colour your nails with felts!  We also love seeing what hair styles you give yourself and your little sisters. 

We especially love how you smile at us! Your smiles are huge and welcoming. Never stop smiling. Let that beautiful inner light shine through!

We hope this year is full of fun eight year old things! It is so fun to watch you grow up!

Happy Birthday Claire

Love Mommy (and Daddy) xo


Allyson said...

How do we love you Claire? We can't even count that high, that's how much. What a lovely tribute to your wonderful Claire. xx

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Claire!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Claire,

What does an 8 year old girl do to celebrate her birthday? :D