Monday, February 02, 2009

Pink is my Favourite Colour!

Last night, I FINALLY got to use the polish that Cliff and I picked out for the kids' (well our girls') nails. In the spirit of February 2009, and making it feel good. I decided February 1st was a good time to start. So, I grabbed that polish and started painting. Four of the girls' - Claire, Carly, Catie and Caroline now have sheer pinkish sparkly fingernails and toenails. Most of them got 2 coats. They really enjoyed it. So did I. Although I didn't have time for this, I MADE time for this. It was worth it. It made them so happy, and in turn made me feel happy. 

And, on Wednesday we have FIVE new beds arriving. It is time to get rid of the old beds that we slept on etc. So, Cameron, Claire, Carly, Catie and Caroline will have brand new twin size mattresses and boxsprings on Wednesday night. 

First we took Cameron's bed apart (going to my Cousin's place for M) and then once the girls saw that Cameron was sleeping on the floor they wanted to too. So, down came the beds. And three of the kids slept on the floors in their rooms. It was so cute to see Claire and Carly with their mattresses pushed together. And when we went to check on them before we went to bed. They were side by side. I love that. Sisters. 

Caroline at age 2 (soon to be three beginning of May) will be getting her FIRST bed on Wednesday. She LOVES her crib, but the crib will be put away (hopefully to be used by somebody in the future) This leaves us with only one  child left in a crib. So, another first will happen this week for Caroline. And for us.

Hopefully her diapers will be next. She is so ready, but we are waiting for her to make the switch. We are hoping the bed will be the factor that helps with that transition.

Next I will be on the hunt for cute Valentine's Day t-shirts for the kids. I like buying them something special for the fun days. This is something I have recently started. It makes the kids happy, and in turn makes us happy. And what a great photo op for them ;D


Kerry said...

Love the pink sparkly toes and fingers, they all must look so cute! :)

Allyson said...

I just know is the way to start February-pink tootsies and fingers and time with mommy!

Are you getting rid of the metal framed bed steads too? Please don't if you are thinking so. I know someone who would like her old one back! And then of course Mrs. M. -- who knows with her! So don't, don't sell, or trade, orrrrrr.......

The kids must be so excited. Can't wait to hear how Caroline makes out!

Allyson said...

PS: meant to tell you, I'm pretty sure they have valentine's tees at Old Navy. Saw some in Rmd the other day.