Saturday, August 11, 2007

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's

...a CF18 Hornet or a very fast plane according to Cliff. Today, requested by our kids to take a drive to Abbotsford to see if we could see any planes flying! And oh boy, oh boy did we EVER! We all quickly jumped out of the van and stood by the Tradex Centre for OPTIMAL viewing! IT was like the show was just for us! It came that close to us!

That plane was so cool, and the whole family had different reactions! I felt like we were watching top gun (one of my favourite movies of all time!) and I was so impressed with the sounds, the maneuvers and just the speed! Cliff got goosebumps and felt like a child again, Claire loved watching the plane and didn't plug her ears. Carly cried as she was scared of how very loud the plane was when it flew by. Catie, she stuck to my chest, and I covered her ear that was exposed. Caroline, stuck to Daddy's chest but was not scared. She just kept looking. The baby in my belly was moving all about! It was a very exciting day at the Air Show. Next year we are talking about going with Cliff, Pappa, Grandpa, Cameron and Claire. Possibly Carly if she can get past the noise! We definitely will want to wear ear plugs. And we definitely want to put this as our top priority for next summer! Cameron wanted to go back there so badly! I wonder if we have a little air cadet in our future, or possibly a pilot. He was very excited.

(To backtrack a bit, we took a drive to the airport last night after dinner to see if we could see the Snowbirds and we could, and we saw a whole different bunch of planes sitting on the tarmac. It was very cool!!)

We then took a drive around Abby, and on the freeway back home we saw another few planes and they were very fast and loud! In fact, when we were back home and Cliff was washing the vehicles. We could here them over here.

Who knows, tomorrow we could be going back to watch!!


AmberP said...

That is so fun Cathy. One of my very most fond memories of childhood was going to the Abbotsfort Airshow. Perhaps we could bring the gang down next year and go together?!

Cathy said...

We never went as kids, but I would love to go next year with you all! That would be great!

Alyson said...

I'm assuming you know Andrea Hunsicker since that is how I found your of her blog. She is married to my brother. Did you know he teaches flying out of Langly airport?? I bet if you wanted to arrange it one day he would take your family up flying. He does not own his own plane and I'm not sure how it would work...but you never know!!!


Cathy said...

Alyson: Yes, I was aware of that fact! That is a great idea! What a lovely family day that would be! My question: Would we all fit in a plane together lol?!

Andrea said...

Sounds like a lot of fun Cath. We drove out to Chilliwack on Saturday afternoon and in fact saw some planes on the way out too. Matty was excited to see them. I was wondering if we should take Matty but mother's instinct told me that it would be too loud for him (and I can imagine just with Carly and Catie's reaction!) LOL ~ just like he LOVES trains and when we were out at Darryl's a few weekends back he was able to see some (they go right behind his place @ Rosedale) He clung to Riki like glue! Maybe next year we'll see about taking him...
p.s. Top Gun was my fav. of all times too!!! xo Andrea