Monday, August 27, 2007


Another summer weekend has passed, and one more weekend to go until we are back to school. I cannot believe I will have 2 kids in full-time school, and one in half days. Where do the years go? I know the kids are very excited to go back to their friends, find out who their teachers will be.

We had a busy weekend, but a good one. A BBQ on Saturday afternoon, and yesterday we took the two little girls out a bit of errand running, checked out a large tent trailer. Our little girls got two pairs of new shoes each. Now, we just need to buy for Cameron and Claire for school. I find it is easier to go in teams, rather than all at once. The girls are easy to buy for, but my son, he is a different story! He is more picky about how his shoes fit and feel on his feet. Hopefully it will be smooth. This year, three pairs of indoor shoes for school for three kids. I now will have a two year break before Catie enters grade school!

We are pretty much ready for school. We have backpacks for all, Carly got hers for a birthday gift, and lunch kit too. And of course the others have them from previous years. We are pretty much ready in the clothing department. Maybe a few things for Claire, but for now all of the summer clothing will do. I am sure the weather will be nice right into October this year. When I need too, I will pull out the clothing bin, and switch out the summer to the fall and winter in the kids' closets.

We are quickly crossing items off our forever growing to do list. We have back fence going in, gutters being replaced, a toilet to re-do upstairs and a bit of painting to finish in a few areas of the house. And of course, baby prep!

We have more birthdays coming up too. Cliff and Catie's are coming up really fast, and then my father in laws. Then, all of the October birthdays coming! September and October are busy around here! I know the months will go fast. We are also looking forward to having Aunty Amy sleep over for a couple of nights in September! The kids are so excited!

I have already drawn up my Christmas list. I plan on getting all of that done by the end of September! I want to be completely done early so that when baby shows up, we will be good to just rest up before Christmas holidays etc. Such a busy time.

Well, I am going to enjoy this last week of summer vacation. We have a couple of play dates set up to break up the week. And, we are in full swing with our house rules, earlier (school bedtime) and earlier rise time so that we will be prepared for the first day of school! I pride myself on being on time! There will be no lates on the report cards!! EVER!

I cannot believe how fast the past nine weeks have gone by. It has been a lovely summer. Next summer there will be six kids! Yippee!


Alyson said...

I am a firm believer that kids are not is your lifestyle (I know you are too) but wow...if all your kids need new shoes in one year that is six pairs of sneakers, six 'good' shoes and maybe six 'casual shoes'. Can you imagine having 17 children?? that is alot of shoes....and underwear....and toothbrushes for that matter!!

just a weird thought

Cathy said...


That is my exact line to people when they ask how we afford to have six kids, and only on one (moderate) income. Yes, it will get expensive. Thankfully I can bogo some of these right now lol! But, in the future we all know the bigger the foot, the more expensive the shoe! And, possibly having 5 girls with shoes fetishes lol! (Thankfully that is not me at all, and my shoe rack has 2 pairs on it lol)

Yesterday I spent 60 dollars for 4 pairs of shoes. Carly, we spent about 40 dollars. And with the other girls. I would say another 60. Plus some new boots which are a bit more expensive. Can you see why I favour flip flops ;D

I couldn't imagine 17 kids and all of those shoes! A lot of shoes and undies! And yes, toothbrushes. I also think about the cost of sanitary goods in the future. That is scary with possibly six women in the house all doing their stuff at the same time! Costco here we come! Or, do as I did, and just keep on getting pregnant lol! (Just kidding!!)

I love your weird thoughts! I have them too!!

Allyson said...

Too bad you can't just bring some shoes home for Cameron without fitting them. Reminds me of the times I would go out shopping for you 3 without taking you anywhere near the store. You were just delighted with your new threads. BUT, the moment, I started taking you to the store, you didn't like one thing I picked out for you-grrr. Human nature, and sensitive feet I guess. And my final thought on getting you all ready for the new school year, which I used to dread because daddy didn't get a paycheck until the 15th of September (Cathy's daddy is a retired school teacher): I still get the willies and tell daddy, I am so glad I don't need to do that any more. I found it way too traumatic, especially in the wallet. Good luck my darling daughter and all families getting their precious children ready for school. xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Cathy. My son had to have the most expensive shoes for skateboarding BUT I'm very grateful that he WAS a skateboarder. To compliment the pricey shoes, these guys loved to shop at Value Village for crappy looking T-shirts and weird pants. They rebelled against fashion and labels. It was great.

Alyson said...

what do you mean expensive for menstrual stuff?? you can all use the reusables like I do!!!

O.K so maybe that is going a little too far...even for me:)