Tuesday, August 28, 2007

10 kids, 2 boys, 8 girls and 2 babies in 2 bellies!

How does that work? Well, you go and have a play date with a friend that has almost the same family as you! That is how it breaks down!

I have a lovely friend Lisa (same age as me too!), and she has 5 kids (1 boy, and 4 girls) and 1 on the way due, 5 days after me. Our first kids (both boys) go to school together, and have known each other since preschool. And, 2nd borns (both girls) go to school together, and then we both have our 3, 4, and 5th girls. But in different years, and she had twin girls for her last pregnancy/delivery, and right now I have the youngest child, (Caroline) Our last kids will go to school together in the same year too! Gotta love that.

I love hanging out with her family, as our kids love hanging out with their family! It is so nice to be able to talk to a friend who has the same issues, and dilemma's and busy factor that I have everyday! We can totally relate to each-others lives. This is our first visit of the summer, but a lovely one at that. We have just been too busy to all get together!!

We talked about toilet training, our pregnancies, what we might be having, how that might affect the other kids and so on! What teachers the kids might get! Managing 5 kids with a belly etc. And just the people management we go through every day. It is always a pleasure when I am with her! Lisa even was there to watch my last delivery of Caroline! We are really close.

Anyways, so imagine next summer. There will probably be 2 boys, 10 girls, and 2 moms. That is how we see it anyways. We both thought we were having our bookends, but now we both feel we are having girls again! After all, we have the same family lol!! We will no doubt have the same sex again!

And, watching all the kids play together today was a delight! I cannot wait until our babies come!! Maybe we will have our last babies together on the same day! I could happen!


d.Allison said...

Cathy! I LOVED reading about you and your friend Lisa! How wonderful that you two are friends and pretty much have the same family! hee hee I was telling my sister about you and we both concluded we LOVE big families and hearing about big families :-) It may have something to do with our mom being from a family of 13! I just cannot help but imagaine, despite the challenges, all the love that fills your home!

Allyson said...

Both families should go to Denny's on a Tuesday or a Saturday (specified times) kids eat free. It will be like the Duggers and their friends. Wouldn't that be a hoot? I'll go too, but will watch from the sidelines! xxxooo

You are both wonderful moms. The whole gang is pretty darn lucky.

AmberP said...

That's sounds like a wild, and crazy and AMAZING bunch. How fun would that be?!?! Absolutely beautiful. That is so nice that you have someone that you can relate to so well :)

I can't wait to hear what you both have!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhh Synchronicity

When I was pregnant back in the day, my best friend was also pregnant. We worked together at Sears. Every morning we would waddle to the staff cafeteria for coffee break. We sat together and ate toast with peanut butter and bananas every single day.

Now-a-days I hear that Moms shouldn't eat peanut butter while pregnant.

LauraC said...

You must tell your friend that she is my personal hero to have TWINS and then another baby. She must be supermom. Next time take pics of the craziness!

Irma said...

The more the merrier! I find the kids usually play quite well when they each have a friend....much better then if one is not paired up!