Monday, August 06, 2007

Cameron's 8th Birthday Celebration

Opening gifts from his family members!
A photo of the three of us before heading out on our Birthday afternoon!

Cameron wanted to go to the real Fort, and here he is on the lookout overlooking the Fraser River. So off we went! Before that we went to de Dutch for breakfast/late lunch, went to Chapters for books, then to the toy store in the fort to get another robot for his collection, off to a gelato place for gelato waffle cone and to the Fort!

Here Cameron got a lesson from Mr. Yale who lived in the big house. He learned all about the way life was for the rich, and for the poor! Look at all of those dishes! Good china for Mr. Yale. And, Cameron got a peek into a "treasure" box that held lots of interesting goodies, like cutlery, whistles made of acorn tops, flags, games and music makers! It was a very interesting time indeed! Thank you Mr. Yale!

And, back at home again. The birthday child always gets to pick dinner of their choice. Part of their special day. Cameron chose PIZZA. And, the girls on our TSBM (top secret birthday mission) chose an ice cream cake with Shrek and the gang on it! It was a hit, and it was delish! We had a lovely birthday day! Only 13 more days until we celebrate Carly's 5th! Here comes another TSBM!


Allyson said...

Being at the Fort looked like so much fun! Almost as much as being at home with all of the little bubble blowing monkeys. xxxooo

Anonymous said...

What a special day. The Fort looks like a fun place. Whistles made out of acorn tops! I gotta git me one uh them.

Cathy said...

Babzy: the acorn whisle was literally a acorn top and Mr. Yale placed his two thumbs on it (like blowing onto a reed to make it whistle) and blew and it was amazing. He also made one out of a plastic water bottle lid.cap by doing the same thing with his thumbs. (they did not have those in their treasure chests back then) but it was SOOO loud! I learned so much, and we had so much fun! Try it!!

AmberP said...

That is excellent!! I just LOVE how you guys have so many cool traditions. The TSBM is a spectacular idea :) Ideas... ideas... always so many ideas!!!

Happy be-lated birthday Cameron... and I can't wait to see what you guys have in store for Carly!

Momto2princes said...

Happy 8th Birthday Cameron. It looks like it was a wonderful birthday!

Kerry said...

How fun does that look! What a great way to spend a birthday!