Saturday, August 18, 2007

TSBM 3 2007

Carly's Fave!

Today, I took Claire to go shopping for Carly who turns 5 tomorrow! Claire helped pick 4 wonderful presents for their sister! She did a great job, and stood in line while I picked out a card for Carly. In total we spent 23 dollars. Good buys we think. I cannot believe my little girl is growing up, and heading off to Kindergarten this September. It seems like just yesterday she was born, and here she is growing into a wonderful young girl before our eyes!

Cameron is having a sleep over with his Nanny and Pappa, and so it is just the girls (and Cliff tonight) he will come home tomorrow and celebrate with Carly and the family. Carly wants to have pizza (just like Cameron lol) and lemon meringue pie instead of cake! All 5 of the kids would easily suck on a lemon or a lime as a treat!

So, Carly is in bed and having her last sleep as a four year old, and tomorrow afternoon at 1:34 she officially becomes a five year old! Sweet dreams four year old! Many wishes for a wonderful fifth year! We love you!

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