Monday, August 13, 2007

We went on a date yesterday!

Well, we have finally found a lovely babysitter for our kids. The kids loved her, and she loved them. And, we know her Mom which is even better! So, immediately the kids felt at ease.

Cliff and I do not get out much as just husband and wife. And, when we do we are usually running around madly doing errands and shopping etc.

So, yesterday afternoon we had this lovely sitter come over for three hours to be with the kids. We just left our house after doing our tour and rules and regs etc. We hopped into the vehicle and started to head towards a favourite gyro place, and then, ring ring goes Cliff's work cell phone. He had to go to work to take care of an intersection with red flashers. So, we turned around and headed out that way.

Time was a ticking away, so after the job was done we headed to the local White Spot there. We were seated in a nice booth, and behind Cliff was a lovely waterfall. We had a burger (just like the days of old!) and I had yummy sweet potato fries with a chipotle dip. (Cliff was jealous lol, but I shared with him.)

After we ate, we really didn't have much time left so we headed back home and stopped in the local Starbucks for a nice drink and a dessert. And, then back home to reality.

Even though the date did not go as planned, it was still a lovely three hours away, I saw my man in action at work and felt very proud of who he has become! And happy that he is happy with his position! We held hands, and reconnected for that time. We made the most of the situation! It was still fun!

When when we got home. We were more energetic and happy to see the kids! It was lovely to have the kids run up to us. The kids also told us that they want us to go out this Sunday AGAIN. That is how much they loved this sitter! We couldn't be happier.

I don't know when our next date night will be, but I look forward to that time with my hubby. It was so needed. Today we are all happier! That is a good thing! For now I will think back to yesterday!

We discussed when the last time we actually had a sitter, and that would have been Gil, when we did Crash Test Mommy in the first season back in 2004 when I was pregnant with my last baby Catie ;D

Well, and yes we got away to a hotel for 2 glorious night when I was in my last trimester with my last baby Caroline ;D

That was a good two days and I remember it like it was yesterday, but now that baby is 15 months old now lol.

I am hoping to get away for a couple of nights in October too ;D

Any sitters out there?! I really want to see the Titanic Display on the island!! Please Please Please Aunties and Grandparents?!!!

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Andrea said...

My offer is 2 of your 5 ~ soon to be 6 (that is my limit)! AND I think it would have to be the two youngers; only b/c Matty gets along FAMOUSLY with Catie and well, Caroline ~ she's a piece of cake! LOL. (Ya right, bite my tongue). I would love to do it for you guys but you may have to wait until our summer holidays are up etc. (End of Aug; End of Sept). I know you mentioned October... Gee I wonder why? Let me know what you have in mind.
Oh, and BTW that means a trade with our monster sometime too! :-)
Love you. Andrea xo