Thursday, August 02, 2007

Another TSBM...

TSBM=Top Secret Birthday Mission and today we shopped for Cameron (my original baby boy) turns eight tomorrow at 7:02 pm.

At the top of the year, we decided it was time to have the kids shop and buy something very small, but something that the birthday child would love. We started in February for Claire who turned six. A gift from one sibling to another. So, tonight I took out Claire and Carly to go shop for Cameron. Claire picked out something special from her, and from Caroline, and Carly picked out something special from her and from Catie. We all agree that Cameron will be very happy with his gifts. Gifts from the heart!

Another tradition we started was probably when our kids turn three, we both take the day off and spend a few hours with the birthday child ALONE! Two parents for one child! They LOVE it and so do we. Usually my parents or my in-laws give us that gift of sitting for us so we can do that!

So, tonight is Cameron's last night as a seven year old, and tomorrow he will be an eight year old! Time flies. Eight years ago today we were DINKS, and we had no clue what parenthood meant. We had our ideals, and our hopes and dreams for our baby. We had a super busy long weekend, we had an open house, we had an anniversary party and we visited a friend in the hospital. Little did we know, that that evening (a Monday night--well EARLY Tuesday morning)August 3rd, 1999 that my water would break when trying to climb into bed all uncomfortable. That was at 1:00 am. I know I will be asleep at that time tonight. But it is fun to remember back to those days! He came into our lives early! 19 days early in fact, and he was a dream come true, and a wonderful little boy who graced us with love and happiness into our family! A boy was a new thing for all of us who were used to girls. To this day, I love him so fiercely. He is a wonderful little boy whom I treasure every moment. Every day he grows taller and smarter and I am so proud of the boy he has become!

Today, my littlest baby Caroline (for now) turned 15 months.

I look forward to our next TSBM for Carly who turns 5 on the 19th! We are in full birthday mode around here!


Allyson said...

I love the TSBMs! That is a birthday ritual they will always remember.

As for our birthday boy we were blessed the day he came into our lives. I still remember the very early morning wake up phone call-"my water broke!" Daddy and I were so excited we couldn't get back to sleep so we started walking the streets of Richmond at about 4:30 in the morning. Thunder and lightning, rain and great excitement, watching and waiting until at last, Cameron was born. We love you Cameron.

AmberP said...

Your love is so amazing Cathy...

Happy Birthday Cameron :)

and Happy 15 month birthday to sweet Caroline!!

Babzy said...

Cathy, you and Cliff are wonderful parents to some wonderful kids. Good memories for everyone.