Thursday, August 02, 2007

let's start at the very beginning...Cameron

Cameron 2 days old still in the hospital.

My favourite photo of Father and Son taken at the hospital! The two wonderful men in my life!

A family photo on the day Cameron was born back on August 3rd 1999,

and Mommy only has eyes for her newborn son!

Mom and son, taken on the first day home from the hospital in his nursery!

My little man Cameron who will be 8 on August 3rd.

Taken in his last month of being 7! When you wake up tomorrow you will be one year older and we cannot wait to celebrate. Wow, how we love you Mister Cameron!


Allyson said...

Oh I just love seeing those pictures again. What a great day that got better and better and better and better! Happy Birthday Cameron! xxxooo

***********Dawn*********** said...



You always do such a great job with birthday posts. Your children will look back on these and know just how special and how loved they REALLY are!! You are such a great Mommy!!


Mrs. Merriman said...

Happy 8th Birthday, Cameron!!!

What wonderful memories :D

Andrea said...

Amazing how the time has flown. Love the photos. You've got a really special little guy there... from day one...
(Even then you guys look like such the "pro's" that you are now). Hats off to you both for doing a wonderful job raising such great kids.
Happy 8th b-day Cameron. We love you all.
Andrea (Kirb and Matty) xo

Yvonne said...

Congrats to Cameron ... what a man you have there! I look at the pics from his birth, if you could have only seen where his birth would have brought you in 8 years .... would you have believed it? Congrats Cathy your very first baby is getting so big!

Momto2princes said...

What sweet pictures. Can you say "can you feel the LOVE!".

Cathy said...

Thanks everybody! It was a wonderful day the day he was born, and has progressed to even more than that today! xo