Thursday, March 06, 2008


I am thinking I am going to take down my One Organized Chick blog. I haven't had time to get anything up there lately. Organizing has taken the back burner in my life. I mean, yesterday I purged through magazines, interior decorating ideas, office items etc. So, I am STILL organizing but really not focussing on it. Thankfully I can cruise on auto pilot right now because I am organized!

It is kind of sad, because at one point that was so important in my life, but now LIFE has taken priority. I am trying to find joy and happiness EVERY day and if that means my toy cupboard or craft cabinet is messy and disorganized. (Or shall I say not up to "MY STANDARD") then so be it. It can wait.

That part of my life can wait. I am more into taking photos and making memories right now. I would say that my passions and drive are changing as I am changing. I love how looking through a camera lens feels! I love capturing moments that I can never take back! But I can capture the kids and the family in the moment. That is what is all about for me right now.

I totally feel myself changing and growing. Moving away from the "baby stage" of my life. I am more into the adventures now! I don't want to WISH away this stage, but I am certainly ready for the changes an the excitment of having six growing kids.

I have lately enjoyed how my kids are growing and changing! They are growing up. It started with the piercing of Claire's ears on her birthday. I just in that moment realized I am holding the hands of a 7 year old. I have 4 "Big KIDS" and 1 little kid and a baby! This could be the year that Caroline potty trains which leaves me with only ONE in a diaper. And eventually in about 3 years we will be FINALLY FREE of diapers! We have been doing diapers (a lot of two kids in diapers too) for the past well, almost nine years!!!

We are considering moving Catie into the BIG GIRL ROOM with Claire and Carly and they are excited about that. We will make that transistion when we buy a crib for Courtney. She is almost ready to move from her sweet little newborn bassinet. I would say most likely next month. I can then have them together, transitioning together. Supporting each other. And of course beating each other up lol!! It will take some organization to get that going. That means organizing the closet to work for 3 girls with lots of clothing!! But worth it! Catie can then enjoy her room all to her self when the big girls are at school.

That leaves my two little girls to room together. This will work in our favour so that the two little gals can nap together and we can put a door thinger on there to keep the little ones out so they can nap in piece!!

But, those little girls grow up really fast! I just wonder when Caroline who will be two soon will be ready to move into a big girl bed? So FAR she is still happy to go to BED! I am not going to rush her. Just savour the fact that she still upon waking wants to be lifted out and immediately places her head on my shoulder. That is LOVE right there. I am so happy she does that still. I also love the fact that she says LOVE YOU MOMMY, LOVE YOU CATIE before her nap. It is so cute to hear all of her words that are developing. I also hear a lot of NO That doesn't surprise me lol!!!

My little Courtney is growing and changing too. She is getting heavy (around 15 pounds) and possibly teething. A bit of rash, drool, non stop breastfeeding and biting on our fingers and her hands. She could get teeth early like her brother. Nothing surprises me really when it comes to teething!!

Although life is pretty painful right now, I am just thankful for having my kids around and all of the six wonderful distractions in this thing called life. The kids keep us all going during this time. I am just very sad that they are going to lose their Grandpa sooner rather than later. I never at my age thought I would have to go through this. Either does the rest of the family. Very sad.

But life keeps moving on, especially with kids! This weekend we have Courtney's Baptism at church and I am very much looking forward to that happy event. I have a house to clean, food to buy and some prep for Sunday!! I am just excited for Coco and excited to see my family all dressed up in their Sunday best. They clean up nice :D


Kerry said...

It's like your going through a metamorphosis! I'll be sad to see the organizing site go, but hey, things change and it's never good to let things gather dust (or become cluttered), right?

Take the good with the not so good and just know that everything happens for a reason (even when you think they don't). You've got so many things to look forward to!

ticblog said...

Growing usually involves growing pains. Embrace them.

My entire house is disorganized for precisely the reasons you cited - I really don't *care* if our craft cupboard is messy. I can spend 5 minutes a week, or 15 minutes once every 6 months, and teh only one who would ever notice the difference would be me. At the end of the day I'd rather spend that 5 minutes with my family or my friends.

The Hoegler Family said...

Life changes all the time. Sometimes being a mom you forget to see the changes in your own life because you are so busy watching your kids change. I am happy to hear that you have moments to think about yourself too. I often miss my career and my life in Oslo. I worked in TV, partied with celebrities, read about my friends in magazines and sometime felt like the perfect life, but still something was missing. Now I am married to a wonderful man and a stay at home mom, sometimes it's a bit boring, but it has a bigger meaning, don't you think Cathy? We don't even know how long Mattias will live, the thought of that has definitely made a change in my life. Some people thought we shouldn't have given him life, can you imagine. I've decided to take life as it comes, with sorrows, and hopes, joy, happiness and memories. And I love how I now file many of these moments on my blog and often look back at them. People like you inspire me too when I am down. Life is an amazing journey!

AmberP said...

Cathy you are such an amazing mom and I am loving watching this transition from baby-hood to the next stage...

I completely respect that you are thinking of taking the organization blog down... I don't know how you do it in the first place!! lol...

I am praying for peace for your FIL, and am so heartbroken that you, Cliff and the rest of the family have this on your plate right now. If you need anything at all - even though I am far away, please feel free to ring.

Can't wait to see pics from Coco's baptism!!

PamnPat'sParadise said...

I agree with the sentiments already posted and know that whatever you do, it will be the right decision for you and your family. There is a brand new chapter opening up for you and I can't wait to read all about it and walk the journey with you my friend.

Always here for you!

Allyson said...

Hi Babes, I tried posting yesterday, and again, something knocked me off.

Dear one, I know, even if you don't keep your "OOC" blog going you will always and forever be organized. You can't help yourself. That said, that is what life is all about, beginnings and endings. I can see that your new love of photography has captured your heart in the same way as your One Organized Chick. So beautiful to see the progression one's child makes. And need I say, that you have such lovely subjects to practice your art on? The children are the winners in this decision all the way around and ultimately of course are you.

I've read all of your comments on this particular blog and the wisdom of your friends is touching, filled with gems of wisdom and incredibly insightfull!!!

Anonymous said...

Cripes! Just when I finally get in the mood to organize. Remember the blue laundry basket? I moved it from the bathroom floor to the top of my dresser five feet away. But happy day, I dug through it just a couple of weeks ago and found some pads, which I haven't needed for five years. I had a rotten cold and all week it was "cough cough pee, cough cough pee".

Like your new do. Carol has a new do too and I'm working on a new one but have to grow my hair just a little for a layered bob.