Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Halloween Candy Count

So, we did our sorting and counting on Sunday afternoon. After taking down all of our spooky stuff. We actually started to put up our Christmas lights. They are not ON, but we are getting there!

(Click on the images to make them larger!)

The six kids and their bags of candy. Cameron didn't really T or T this year. Courtney, hardly got any treats in her bag. She was in her stroller most of the night.

Here is what is left after eating some on Halloween and the following day. 366 pieces of loot is a lot of stuff! Look at it all! 

And the sorting begins!

They had some treats after the learning lesson LOL

Counting by fives here. We did 1's, 2',s 3's and 4's too. It was fun this way!

Top 3:

Smarties - 37
Coffee Crisp - 32
Hershey - 20

And a few odd ball pieces. 7 to be exact. Like a few gum balls, and candy burgers etc.

I couldn't believe all of the FULL size treats the kids received as well. 

What is my favourite halloween treat? That would have to be a Mars bar. We received 7 in total. 3 small, and 4 full size. 

So there it was! It was good to do. Now, we have been sending treats with Cliff to the office. We certainly don't need all of it. Six of the bags now into two bags. And the bags were heavy. We weighed the treats as well. 15 pounds worth of treats collected. 2.5 pounds not handed out. Wowser!!

Happy November!

 I cannot believe that November is here, and soon my baby girl turns two. In less than two weeks! Where did those two years go? Really! Time moves too quickly!


LauraC said...

Hey Cathy, I was going to leave a blog comment this week anyway. I had a dream that I came to Vancouver to photograph your family. Crazy!

Cathy said...

Hi Laura! That is so funny!

I know we will meet up! It is just a matter of figuring this all out!

I also want to meet an online friend from Minnesota.

Allyson said...

Wowser indeed,what a stash!