Sunday, November 01, 2009

Good Morning!

Claire's pumkin! Her design and help carving with Cliff (and Grandpa's old chisel set)

Cameron, and his design. I love how they are developing their skills and excitement for the season.

My crew!

Do not feel sad for the little girl in red. She was crying for more candy! You can see the stick in her right hand. She stopped when we fed her more LOL.

Here they are again.

Here you can get a peek at the decorating! It looks quite natural as the evening before we had high gusts of wind that blew our power out for almost 7 hours.

Halloween 2009

With this whole FALL BACK business means we are up bright and early around here. I prefer to SPRING FORWARD so that we can wake up at a better time. The kids were all up before 6:30 this morning instead of 7:30 on the weekends. I wish kids understood they could wake up 1 hour later.

Halloween was a lot of fun! We did our block, and then we drove to my parents house to surprise them with our six trick or treaters. It was nice. Then we came home around 8:30 p.m. and plunked them all in bed.

With six kids, there is A LOT of candy. Six bags of candy. So, I thought we would blog about that later. I will take a photo of all of the bags, and then we thought we would pile it all together take a photo, and then chart it all. See what we got the most of, and then the least of. And learn a bit while having the treats. And of course, Cliff and I will have to 'test' out the candy and treats to make sure they are safe.

So, time to go give the kids breakfast, but I will be back.

P.S. I hope my MOM posts some photos from last night with all the kids. I regret not taking one of all of the kids with my parents Duh.


Poot and Boogie said...

Every year when we would come home with tons of candy my mom would let us pick out 20 peices and then the rest would get packaged up and given to the food bank. I hated my mom for this when I was a kid, but totally understand now from a mom's point of view. I plan on doing this with my kids as soon as they are old enough to trick or treat.

Sarah said...

That's a great idea Leanna! Seeing we still have Easter candy kicking around.

What a beautiful crew you have there and their pumpkins are fabulous. Was Cameron's back soar?

Anonymous said...

Awesome costumes and great decorations! I lucked out with a store bought costume (again this year); sometimes I wish that Matty would be a little more creative but then I was thankful not to have to muss and fuss to get him ready while his little brother was doing some mussing and fussing of his own. :-)
Love ya. Andrea xo