Friday, October 30, 2009

Night before Halloween!

Well, here it is, the 30th of October already. Rainy, cold wet. I truthfully do not enjoy this season very much. I like it until it rains. I don't really like the rain. Well, DOWN POUR I don't like. The drizzle is OK. I cannot believe that I went to the Madonna concert one year ago already! Where did THAT year go?

All of the costumes are ready for the kids. Last night. Yes! Now, we just need to carve the pumpkins. Probably tomorrow morning. Maybe even tonight. We will see how crazy it gets. We are only carving three this year. Eight pumpkins a bit too much as we discovered last year.

Cameron - Hunchback
Claire - Alex Russo from "The Wizards of Waverly Place"
Carly - Mother Nature
Catie - Little Red Riding Hood
Caroline - Blue Fairy
Courtney - 'lil Devil (so cute)

I have to talk about the cost of these costumes. I spent for sure under $90 dollars.

Last night, I went to the fabric store because the 'cape' was missing from Catie's costume. I got her costume for only $7 dollars! I purchased four costumes new and all at half price. The fabric for the cape, I got for $3.10 and a large round button for $2.00! And, I walked in A HA! There was what I needed. Thankfully, because I didn't want to walk around for costumes for more than a minute.

Thankfully my Mom in Law sews and so from that fabric, she was actually able to make TWO capes LAST NIGHT. One for Catie, and one for Courtney. SO cute!

Today, Cameron dressed up in his costume. A stuffed backpack, and his old painting smock from Kindergarten!

Claire and Carly went in orange and black shirts from last year. I gave them pig tails and tied pretty orange ribbons over the elastics.

Catie, I dressed her up as this is her year of 'firsts' in Kindergarten. So, she had her basket, her ensemble, and her red lipstick. She looked so sweet and LITTLE! Perfect! She had her first playdate this week with girls from her class. And, today a very first school party. She is enjoying it so much! I know she gets to parade around the school to the bigger kids' classes. So, I guess she will go see Cameron, Claire and Carly. I love that!

Caroline. Not dressed up, but pig tails like her big sisters.

Courtney. As herself today. With a 'waterfall' in her hair.

Oh, and I got some candy treats to hand out tomorrow. I don't think Cameron wants to go trick or treating tomorrow? He is only 10! Let me see if he changes his mind when his sisters all go out.

I will take some photos of the front door tomorrow. The kids did it all this year and I LOVE it! We bought a blow up cat (not scary at all) and some orange lights. I love that they LOVE to help us out!

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Shawna said...

What great costumes -- I can't even imagine trying to get that many little ones ready -- I struggle with getting two out the door!

Hope you guys have a fabulous (and dry) Halloween!
xo, *S