Thursday, October 01, 2009

A week in photos...

. Can you believe this is a mall? There was a carousel and and a ferris wheel at this mall. It was called Irvine Spectrum. I have more photos of this mall if you want to see them. Let me know in the comments.

After the workshop, and a special lunch with another photographer (someone I very much admire and look up to) we headed on the big old I5 towards Anaheim. To check into our next hotel (which was across from Disneyland and California Adventure Park) A nice lady offered to take our photo together which was great! We also went into the second largest Disney store in the world. Conveniently located in Downtown Disney!

A glimpe of what the I5 looked like. Most times, eight lanes across...sometimes MORE!

I just love all of the different types of palm trees. Some tall, some small. Some skinny, some wide. Just like people...

One of just me, of course in a C. I look forward to having a photo here with all of my C's!

A quick glimpse on our GPS on just how crazy the lanes were!

I was able to FINALLY meet up with my friend
Michele. She lives in San Diego. We have been chatting online for over six years. When we were pregnant with our "September Stars" on (She is also a photographer and she has been a great mentor to me) and it was one of the best evenings I have had in a long time. We felt as if we have known each other foerever. Almost like sisters! Or something like that. It was a connection I just cannot explain! Cliff came along for dinner too, and we sat in California Pizza Kitchen (oh so yummy!) for almost three hours talking away. We had some nice California wine there too. Much love to you Michele! I am so glad we finally could meet! xo

A view of our first hotel in
Mission Viejo (a community that we are both in love with! Much like Osoyoos just a lot larger!)

When I was at my all day wedding workshop, Cliff stayed here. And enjoyed the California sunshine. They were having a heatwave when we were there! Amazing!

OK, so I am not so good at posing myself LOL

And outside of the Pirates of the Carribean at Disneyland. We thought of our kids.

Top back left, Cliff and I on the
"California Screamin'" I got Cliff on here, and finally he decided he loved rollercoasters! YES!!

Me on the backlot in California Adventure Park. Before riding the "Tower of Terror" one of our new faves.

Thank you to the kindness of strangers who took a photo of us together!

And, a photo with MM!
(Mickey was busy somewhere else!)

Do you want more? :D
Cathy xo


Anonymous said...

Nice that you could have time together without kids too! nice pics..esp the one of the spagetti face! cute.

LauraC said...

I want more pics!!! It is SO CUTE to hear you so excited about palm trees. I grew up in Florida then went to college in LA. I learned to freeway drive on the LA freeways, crazy to think. Anyway one of my best friends (went to his wedding last summer in wine country) is from Mission Viejo and we used to spend every spring break down there. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updated posts and the pics! I am glad that you two had a great vacation together. You guys look fabulous and like you had a lot of fun. Can't wait to catch up with you in person next week! xo Andrea

Anonymous said...

Awesome recap! We loved Tower of Terror, too. Thought it was funny that we also ate at California Pizza - in New York
xo Amy

Allyson said...

It looks like a long-overdue holiday was a hit! Love all the pictures. Thought it was cute you were both wearing green on one of the days. Two peas in a cozy pod. xxx

Hope Walls said...

The "C" pictures are brilliant! I can hardly wait to see the whole family there!!! (and my verification word is 'coven' LOL)