Sunday, June 13, 2010

1 boy, and 5 girls


Allyson said...

I love the one boy and five girls!!!!!!
Each picture is so special Cathy. Thank you for sharing them with me.

Ams said...

I love it!!
Oh my goodness - all those pictures are so freaking cute! I love this kiddos :)
And where was I on this whole move business? I think we need a phone date one of these days!!

cathy said...

Amber, do you have my cell number still?! Please call I would love to catch up with you my friend! So much has happened since your last visit here hey :D

Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures cuz! i love the b/w of the 6 kids! of course, each separate one of the kids with the balloons is special too. good luck with everything this week! xo andrea

Allie said...

I recognize those balloons! hehe