Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sounds I love.

In the morning, Cliff and I are usually awoken by the sounds of our kids. Sometimes, we hear screaming, or fighting. Those mornings are rare, and startle us awake! Not so nice to be jolted awake and into action right away.

The mornings I love, are the very quiet mornings. When all of the kids are upstairs and talking. Or laughing. Or mega giggles. The beautiful quiet sounds. Where the kids are talking about stuff. Like how Mommy and Daddy bought a new lamp for the bedroom. And, how they like it. Or, how Carly takes Courtney out of her crib (yes, she is STILL in there and she still loves it!) and just brings her in to change her diaper on our floor. Cliff and I just lay there in bed, watching and listening to the two kids interact with each other.

I love the sounds of sweet laughter. So much laughter, that our cheeks hurt from smiling while listening to their conversations. Cliff and I, still tired, from of course lack of sleep most of the time. We love those mornings. The still quiet mornings.


Anonymous said...

This is really beautiful.
Made me all teary.
I can't wait for our sounds of morning...


Jamie-Lee said...

I love it! they are too cute!!! Nothing is better then Family!! They will always be close and there will always be stories to tell from the past!! It will never get old :)