Saturday, March 27, 2010

Whoa, they have let it ALONE!

We have been slowly adding 'stuff' or decor to our home in the last week. Our house, void of very much. A shell really with just the walls and the deemed essentials around. A lot of our then precious items, broken from kids in the past. Sometimes hot tempers have broken stuff in our house. Thrown from the upstairs 'balcony' area. Smashing down onto the hard tile floors. So, we are hesitant to ever put anything out ever again.

However, life may be changing for us. It seems we just *may* be turning a corner on this one particular issue. We bought some tall, white, decorative breakable candle holders and candles. We put all three of them on our dining room table, and you know what nobody touched them, or moved them. Or pretended they were pirate swords. Or, picked at the tangerine coloured wax!

This is BIG!

So, we left them. I was actually going to put them away for night. Just to avoid any kids who may decide to touch them early in the morning when we are still getting ready upstairs. Little hands, little explorers. Wanting to touch everything around! This has been a MAJOR battle for us. We always seemed to lose this one.

So, they are still out. Three meals, and snacks later. They are still there. I think, we are having a shift in our household.

It brings delight within me, to be able to look around our home and enjoy pretty items. It makes my heart sing. Visual beauty, ahhhhhhhh. I am tired of living in a brown shell, much like a big brown box. I need colour, texture. Love. In our house, in our home.


LauraC said...

I know exactly what you mean! Our house has been barren for awhile! lately we've been able to put some stuff out and it is fine. Like crayons. Crayons on a table, not hidden under lock and key.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love that stage!!