Wednesday, April 08, 2009


I am not running, I am not eating right. I am not doing much of anything. Just my day to day grind with the family.

So, sorry not much to blog about these days. I don't feel like blogging. 

I am in physio and my marathon is 26 days away. It is doubtful that I will be running it (although it COULD happen) of course pain comes AFTER I have paid the 110 dollar entrance fee when I was feeling excellent. I am disappointed and I am not sure what direction to take from here. Running is pretty much my life, and now there is no running. I broke into the Girl Guide cookies last night. I am eating to feel better. Not really what I want to do. 

Any ideas for me? Fitness wise, eating wise. How to pull myself together. I have tried and nothing is working.



LauraC said...

Cathy, you're doing exactly what I would be doing - mourning the loss of a huge goal you had planned! So I don't really have any words of wisdom except allow yourself time to grieve over this.

I had stress fractures in my shins during college that developed over a tennis season. I had to sit out a season of volleyball and I was so depressed I gained 15 lbs. I was still biking and swimming every day but it wasn't what I love to do.

Maybe a swim or bike race??

Andrea said...

I agree with the swimming.
I am not the best of eating...I either eat bad or dont eat lol (work does that!)
Keep your chin up, this too shall pass and you will be running again.
Make sure you heal up first!!
take care :D

Laura said...

Oh Cathy! I feel for you. Food is my feel better drug too and it's just so dang hard to eat right when things like injuries etc. prevent exercise or cancel much anticipated goals. I'll pray that you're better and able to run. All I can say is that you've come so far and worked so hard, DO NOT let this get you down. You are an inspiration to others and you can't let us down either!

Anonymous said...

I've heard that water running at the pool is a good workout and doesn't stress the body....haven't tried it but a physiotherapist suggested it. Don't give up hope 26 days is almost a month ;) and a lot of healing can happen in that time. If it doesn't happen this time it will happen in October which if you think about it is within this year so really you WILL reach your goal THIS year :)

Ingrid said...

Oh no-that is not good! Yup, I would try swimming and as for eating, well I eat too when I am stessed-not good, but maybe cut up fruit and veggies in the morning and keep them on the counter for the day? PS. I am a close friend of Irma, love reading your blog too!, i have one too, so email me and I will invite you if you wish. take care, grab a good book, and coffee, and relax...

Alyson said...

bike bike bike....apparantly if you bike at the same cadence as running you don't lose fitness! That and swim. go whenever you are supposed to run...that way you don't fill your time doing other things.
Oh I hope you are able to make it.
What a bummer.

The Hoegler Family said...

Oh Cathy, I am sorry about your injury and not being able to run. But I am almost glad to see that you are human and is enjoying a cookie for once. I was starting to believe you were an alian....

Take care!
I hope you get well enough to run!
Love, Hege