Wednesday, April 01, 2009

FREEDOM, and a trip down memory lane.

The above photos are a series from my computers photobooth. I would sit there in that same spot, the same nursing pillow, a receiving blanket, an a cozy blanket and breastfeed Courtney. Ever so often,  I would snap a photo of us. As I knew this was the last time I would do this for one of my kids. I also like to see how much I have physically changed over the past months. I am so thrilled with MY transformation.

I was lucky, and I was able to successfully breastfeed each and every one of my kids. I know breastfeeding isn't for everybody. So I count myself lucky I could do so with such ease. Without any trouble. Often I would be told that my milk was golden. Liquid gold. And that I had great milk. I am happy I could provide the best I could for my kids. Although not easy to sit down and feed, while the other kids were all over the house etc. We did it. I did it. I think breastfeeding was a wonderful experience for me, especially the MORE kids I had. I didn't like breastfeeding all that much with my first couple of kids. I was younger, I wanted to keep being me. I wanted not to sit and breastfeed. But, once the older ones grew, that time became SO important to me. For my sanity. A time to sit down an relax and just be. And savour every moment with each and every one of them. To keep that special little bond with each and every one of my kids. I feel so glad I could have that one on one time. The more kids I had, the easier it became. Dare I say I enjoyed it?! Sure. At times I was of course impatient, grumpy. But for the most part. I did my thing. 

Today, is always a weird sort of day for me. I will always remember being pregnant for the very last time. It seems as if I am going through a lot of lasts, and at the same time a lot of firsts! This is freedom! TODAY is FREEDOM! 

I posted my last positive pregnancy test two years ago today. Can you believe that! Last year Courtney was in 9-12 month clothes. And today in 18-24 month clothes. And she runs, and climbs. And dances. Smiles. Laughs giggles. And sucks her fingers. And she holds my chest LOL. This girl is a Mama's girl that is for sure! She says Mama. And not Daddy LOL. She has me captivated that is for sure. Our bond is very strong. 

Time sure has flown!

Today, my sixth child is almost 17 months old (well on the 16th of April) And can you believe I just weaned my baby from breastfeeding. It has been I think a week now...since her last feed. She looks longingly at my chest. And grabs for me. And cries for me. It really breaks my heart. But it was time for her to stop. She likes her milk cup. She doesn't really need it. So we did it. Sad, but also now I am F R E E! FREEDOM!

A little bit of Cathy trivia for you all:
  • I have been pregnant 7 times (about 56 months of pregnancy total or almost five years of pregnancy for me)
  • I have breastfeed all six of the kids (that is 70.5 months of breastfeeding or almost six years of breastfeeding)
  • The first one for 5 months full time and quit at 6 months
  • The next four for about 1 year
  • The last one for 16.5 months (was planning to quit last October when she was 11 months)
  • The last two kids didn't use any bottles, just straight to a cup.
  • We never used a pacifier for any child (they didn't want them, and OH how we tried!)
  • There was no 'try' to get pregnant for us.
  • I have been changing diapers with my husband for almost 10 years straight...and probably have about 2.5 more years to go! Yes!
  • We usually have two in diapers, with a month or two with only one in diapers. Right now like in the past we have two. Caroline is close to being ready, and hopefully by May when she turns three.
  • Potty training we don't actively work on. It just happens around the age of three. We tried actively with the first one, and then we let go. We didn't push. We just talked about training EVERY diaper change. We have done a lot of talking about our bodies. And their lovely functions. Our kids potty trained over night. And were done. No troubles. We expect the same to happen with the last two.
  • We only have one in a crib now, the rest all in big kid beds.
  • None of our kids have asked us where babies come from. If they should ask, we will tell them the truth. We always use correct body part names with the kids.
I am so thankful for the experience I have had over the last ten years. I would never be this person that I am today without all of the life experiences that have shaped me over the last decade. I find it hard to believe that my first born will be ten this summer! Double DIGITS! Life is moving on in such a thrilling way!


Beth said...

Congratulations Cathy! I love this post--especially the trivia! You are one amazing woman.

AmberW said...

Absolutely amazing lady!
Freedom indeed... you are spectacular mom and I can't wait to see what the years ahead with your little gang may bring!

jlc said...

5 girls?!?! And training for a marathon!?

A. ) You are a SAINT
B.) What is your amazing secret?!

Cathy said...


Thank you. And we have 1 boy (eldest) and then the 5 girls. Running is like therapy for me, but way cheaper!

No secrets, just a lot of hard work. AND support!