Wednesday, April 29, 2009

organizational mess

Yes, I am talking about myself. It seems lately I just cannot find enough hours in the day to correct my messes. I guess with all that goes on at home, and with my photography business. And of course thing called life, it gets really busy. So, tonight my husband went back to work in the evening. I took that time to reorganize my office space. File away papers, ideas, dreams etc. I have for my business and file them into proper categories. I am after, One Organized Chick. Today, I am One Organized Chick. I moved my desk around, I wrote up my to-do list. Filled out my daybook, and also cross-referenced with my ical. (I love my ical!) I love my MAC.  I don't know what I would do without my MAC either! 

Anyways. So desk is moved, I moved the other one in-front of the window. It feels more organized. I have a long way to go, to make it LOOK like my office. I really don't suit dark brown walls. Or a brass nipple light. So, I will have to change some stuff up in here. Especially more important now, as many women have their make up and hair done in here. So, I have to spruce it up a bit. Make it guest worthy for them. Image/brand is everything. This room does not = Cathy. So, time to change that up.

Speaking of organizational mess...Caroline is turning three on Saturday. And absolutely NOTHING has been officially planned for her. Poor kid. She just wants a teddy bear, and a pink cake. I love the simplicity of our kids. So nice! I know one day they will ask for way more than this, but for now. We roll with this. 

Trying to figure out where to take her on Saturday. Any ideas? We usually take the birthday child out--one on one time with Mom and Dad. They love it, and so do we. I remember taking Catie to Starbucks for hot chocolate and a cookie for hers, for Carly's the Walmart McDonalds. The others...I forget now. I think we took Cameron to the zoo. Claire, we had a fairy tea party for her with all of her friends. 

Albums. That is what I have to work on next. I need to buy three more albums. Carly's 6th birthday party photos from August are still waiting to be filed away. Same with some other photos. 

And usually you need photos for albums right?! Well I haven't been taking any. Except for photobooths, and of course my camera phone. I am going to book in personal photography in my planner so I can just shoot for fun. 

Our big old van is in for servicing as we are having a transmission problem. Thankfully covered under our extended warranty. So, they gave us get this...a seven seater mini van. Cliff told the nice gentleman that we actually need a LARGER van as that doesn't hold our whole family. They will have one for us tomorrow hopefully. It is hard to stay in and not go anywhere but walk. I love the walking, but just getting out to grab a coffee is nice once in awhile. So, hopefully only a couple of more days until it is fixed.

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Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to Miss Birthday Girl!!!!

How about Fort Langley and the coffee shop??? For Mum and Dad time with Birthday girl