Sunday, April 26, 2009

these bug me

Do you have a list of words/sounds that bug you? 

I do, maybe I am weird? I know my sisters will agree with some or all of them. 

  • curly cues
  • cold cuts
  • new potatoes
  • suckling
  • suckles

(I know there are more words, but of course my mind is blank right now--sisters can you share some more in the comments please!) I would love to hear yours! Post in the comments if you want! 

  • the sound of others eating, and sometimes myself eating.
  • clicking jaws
  • clicking knees


Christy said...

I've always hated the word "nice". It's feels like a passive aggresive compliment to me....

Smiley Eyes Photography said...

Those are great !

fawndear said...

Sounds: My little girl grinds her teeth while she sleeps and it drives me batty.

Words that bug me. Mostly because of the behavior they describe.

Shawna said...

Ha Ha Ha -- too funny, the sounds you don't like are the exact same sounds that I HATE!!!

Paul can't eat around me, I just stand there and plug my ears, and if he's eating something and comes over my shoulder, I could seriously almost puke!

I miss you my friend, let's do coffee soon!
xo - *S

Allyson said...

smacking lips!

Carol Kerfoot said...

loud eating, and snorting...OH MY I hate the sound of snorting. GET A TISSUE MAN!

and the worst word ever is CROTCH.

what the heh with new potatoes.... the words remind me of the taste which reminds me of summer... and thats all good. Just think of summer.

Beth said...

Billfold (not that anyone uses this word anymore!)

I could go on and on! LOL. I hate the sound of smacking, too. Does this make me sound crazy?

Cathy said...

slacks!! good one!

LL said...

Ok now belly button is my word that I don't particularly like...and also crotch..but I also don't get the new potatoes?? You Aporta chicks can be a little quirky (see that word makes me giggle)..but I think that's what makes me love you all even more! So I'll be smacking my slacks, and eating my coldcuts all while writing my curly cues...the next time I see you ;)
xox love ya!