Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 almost time!

Seriously, this is the best group shot we could get LOL.

Caroline, and her new headband.

Cameron with all of his Pokemon stuff.

What Santa left behind.


Caroline going through her stocking. She is happy about her Cinderella Pez.

Cameron helping his sis.

The tree, and all of the goodies.

Carly and her horse stuff!

Catie, and her cheerleader CPK.

Woah! How did 2009 get away on me like this? We had some sickness for Christmas this year. I felt great waking up on Christmas, had my usually yummy Christmas breakfast and then, after the gift opening started to feel really sick. Like I was going to throw up any minute. That feeling lasted pretty much all day, and night. Leaving me the following morning on boxing day. However, two of the kids threw up Christmas night, and early boxing day. Thankfully, it didn't spread or last. Everybody survived!

I have some photos, but unfortunately I dropped our newish point and shoot and broke it. Bummer!

So, off we will go to find a new camera again. I am just thankful I didn't break my 'good' camera. That would have been bad.

I also came up with a song and dance routine for the kids. It was filmed/recorded/photographed. But I don't think by us? I will ask around. It was a lot of fun, and the guests liked it!

The Christmas stuff is already boxed up, and the tree on the front lawn (I am not kidding you!) Cliff dropped it there LOL. I promise he will not leave it there. Just until tree chipping time on Saturday.

I am going to post another video. It was pretty cool. The kids were totally happy with only their stockings. They didn't even think about the tree gifts/Santa's gift. It was cool! I also forgot to mention, on the white sideboard there is a stack of presents there, and they were 'group gifts' for the six. They didn't even ask to open them, so on the 27th they each opened a present!

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Ams said...

I love the pictures Cathy!
Another year, just gone! I can't believe it. Just insane. I miss the kiddos and your smiley face :)
Hopefully I can get down there some time soon!