Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy about Hudson [ meet our new handsome nephew ]

Baby love...smitten.

SO proud of you Apes.

Abby playing with her 'Big Sister' gift from us.

Cameron hanging with Abby.

Aunty April, Uncle Nick and Abby's place has fun stuff to play with!

Claire and Hudson.

Catie and Hudson.

My middle sis April, BIL Nick and big sister Abby have a brand new baby named Hudson. He was born a couple of weeks early, on December 11th. The very next day, we drove out to meet the newest family member. It was nice to have snuggles with such a small baby. I have to say, holding him, made my ovaries ache, and they haven't stopped. Love new babies, but I am starting to like my sleep at night. And excited that we are under one year away from now more DIAPERS!! So, being an Aunty is wonderful. I look forward to doing it again in April when my little sis has her very first baby!! Yay!

Hudson. He is awesome, and it was nice to snuggle in with a sweet baby. So proud of you Apes, and welcome to the world little man.

Congrats to you all. Cannot wait to snuggle again on Boxing Day.

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Hope Walls said...

Yay Team BOY!!!! Congrats, Auntie!!!! (And Mom & Dad, too of course lol)