Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Courtney's 2nd Birthday Party (Better late than never right?!)

Here she is, she grabbed the Mini Mouse in the pink car and started eating the icing off the bottom of the car! She loved it!

Here is most of the group I would say! I think it is time for a larger dining room and dining room table! Whew. Just all squeezed in!

The kids' cake...actually cupcakes underneath.

For the adults (when you turn two, you need two cakes of course!!)

The kids crowding around Courtney. Trying to 'help' her!

Thanks to Cameron for taking the birthday photos for us. I am happy he loves taking photos for us! We were sorry April (the belly), Nick and Abby couldn't make it. xo


April said...

Well, if we came, there wouldn't be much room for us! We'll need to bring some folding chairs and table next time! LOL
Love the photos of Coco Bean. Good job, Cam. She's so grown up now! xo

Cathy said...

We would expand the kids table aka side tables LOL. And, I think we had three more folders :D

Next time :D

Hope Walls said...

That's so crazy! Coco is 2??? Sheesh!!!