Tuesday, January 12, 2010

She says...

Caroline, up, open, locked. Catie. Buddy. And the usual Momma, Daddy. Nonna, Pappa. Nannie. Milk.

Daily the words are flying out of her mouth! Phew. We were starting to get a bit worried about Courtney. She is proving us wrong now! We knew you would.

So exciting!! She is growing and changing so much!

Wet, and now saying every word she knows over and over and over. So good! So happy.


Allyson said...

Well she's kind of like a point and shoot camera in a way. She pointed, we jumped, no need to say any more! On Sunday she said Nanny to me when something fell down! Those words are definitely in there and now she is discovering how much fun it is to say them over and over again! Can't wait to converse with our little delight!

Ams said...

Awww.. she IS getting so big. I love that little girl. I need to see you all again really soon :)
We worried about Eliana. She seriously didn't say two words until she was two... we can't shut her up now ;)
Of course you know these things with five... lol... who am I kidding?!