Monday, January 25, 2010

Spoke too soon.

And then, my big boy called me from school today. He said his tummy was not feeling good. So, I picked him up, and the two others a bit early. And yes, he did throw up. Poor guy. That is a second go-round for him too.

Now, that is all six that have had it. Be gone tummy bug. BE gone!


Allyson said...

Oh no indeed, tummy bug be gone for good! I am feeling anxious about this week's sit! I definitely don't want to catch it! Get well Cameron, way to go girlies for kicking your bugs to the curb. Now Mommy and Daddy, stay healthy too. xxxxx

Cathy said...

He should be last. All of them have now had it. We are almost in the clear. Poor kids. Poor washing machine LOL.


Ams said...

Ugh! I hope everyone is feeling BETTER!!
How are you doing?