Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Beautiful peonies from last year. Feel free to right click and save! xo

Today has been a perfect day for me. Easy getting out the door. Kids that helped me when I asked for help. The kids used their manners nicely today.

Hugs and love first thing in the morning. Artwork with Mommy and a rainbow on a page meant just for me. Kids jumping on a trampoline together. Fits of laughter and joy filling the yard, and my heart.

Sunshine. Bonus!


Michelle said...

what a lovely peony!! and thank you I did indeed right click will give credit to you.Happy to hear children listening and helping you that is a good thing!!

Ams said...

I LOVE peony's Miss Cathy... LOVE!
And I just love love love when those days just come together. Perfection. I had a few of those last week and they make me smile with complete contentment!