Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Totally a Tuesday...

I had a nice quiet morning this morning. The kind of morning that I always wish for. This morning it happened.

We walked up to drop off all four big kids at school (that part of the morning not so great...LOL) When we were home again, we popped in the move Enchanted and just watched it. Coco on my left, and Caroline on my right. Courtney slept, with her feet pressed into my armpits. Caroline, snuggled into my side.

I hardly get a quiet opportunity like this particular moment. It was nice. Until I had to wake up Courtney, and pause the show to go get Catie from school. Back to the normal day to day grind. I am always thankful for these little moments that I appreciate so very much.

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Alyson said...

nice. I love moments like that too. I think because soon they will be old and gone...sigh...I like when I can remember to just chill with them.