Monday, June 16, 2008

Courtney is 7 months

Well today my sweet Coco is 7 months old, and she also yesterday broke through her first tooth (bottom left!) So, no more gummy smile!
She is enjoying her solid foods. Loves her cereals, all types. Sweet potatoes and squash. She also loves the cereal with fruits and is eating the 8 month 'texture' already. She sits quite well, and is moving herself all over the place with her 'army' crawl. Courtney loves the company of her siblings and she also smiles really big and she has two really visible dimples.
Love you babes xo


Jennifer said...

What a cutie!! Your blog is great. I just started reading a couple post ago but look forward to following along!!
PS I got you site off shawna's blog:)

Shawna said...

Geeesh - she's a doll!