Friday, June 06, 2008

Friday already!?

This week has flown by, and I don't want it to be that way! I have had a great week (some ups and downs) yesterday I had some moments where I thought I was going to lose it. But I survived.

The other night because the kids were doing so well, we decided to get them out of the house for some fun. So, we had an early dinner and by the time Cliff got home we packed them into the van and took them to Captain Kids for some fun! I really like that place! The kids had a BLAST. We hope to do this again soon!

All in all it has been good. Busy but good. Today the kids were treated to Happy meals by their Nonna. They sure loved that! That is a RARE treat around here. I had McD's too, but I had the asian chicken grill salad. It was good, but a bit salty but a change from the every day that is for sure. I just drank lots of water afterwards.

Courtney is really enjoying her 'solid foods' and is enjoying mixed cereal. I will pick up some veggies for her and get that going. I hardly have to feed her, because we have MANY who want to feed her. Poor Coco has had goopy eyes and so we keep wiping them with water and cotton balls. She had that when she was a couple of weeks old and here she is almost 7 months and it is back. She is now pulling herself around on the floor with her arms (just like her brother did at this age) and she can sit up for a few seconds before toppling over. Grandpa has named her Smiley because that is her...full of big beautiful smiles.

Cameron had his Pappa (my Dad) go into his classroom to do an exercise in structures and bridges and it was highly enjoyable for the whole classroom. My Dad still has the knack that is for sure (ex-high school teacher!) Thanks to my Mom who also came over to watch the little kids so I could go and take photos! I will download and post soon.

Claire spent time with her GG last night (my Granny) she helps her with her reading and they usually go out for dinner together at the local Whitespot. Thanks Gran! Claire also moved up another level in her reading and we are so happy for her. She will be taking summer school this year for reading and we are glad she is excited about it!

Carly, well she has been helping us so much, and giving her winnings like pens and things from school and giving them to her sisters and brother. She is always thinking of others and we love that! She still tells me she is going to have horses, and when she is done training them she will trot over to her sister Claire's restaurant for a snack. And hopefully Claire will feed the horses too! Her horses names will be River and Schowmoni. The horses cannot come inside.

Catie, well she loves to pretend she is 'Super Catie' and asks me to tie on aprons around her neck and she runs around at the speed of light. We know what she is going as for Halloween this year! She is quick and light!

Caroline, well she is a total two year old. She is strong, feisty, and had a LOUD voice that likes to say NO to EVERYTHING lol. But hey, only one two year old to go through after her!! I am kind of glad of that LOL!

Tonight we pick up a pizza, and the kids look forward to that on Friday nights. Tomorrow we are off to celebrate my Aunt and Uncles 45th wedding anniversary and then Sunday...who knows. We will play it by ear. I am just waiting for some GOOD weather. It certainly has been really cold for June in the lower mainland. Yuck.

Happy Friday!

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ticblog said...

I'm tired from reading your blog but I suppose if I wrote an itemized list of my week people would probably accuse me of causing them exhaustion, too lol. I love that Carly has names picked out for her horses. Perhaps Serejane can trot over for a visit on the pony she plans to keep in the pony cage under our couch...