Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend Rocked! So happy!

The weekend was a busy one. It consisted of a lot of the usual running around, but we also had a lot of fun stuff, like ice cream (we are talking ice cream cones for all of us, 3 days in a row!) and then yesterday was of course Fathers Day. We too Cliff's Dad to Harrison with all of the kids for a morning of beach, family time, and you guessed it--ice cream. We had a great morning, then we got home. We had some yummy dinner. We then headed out to Elgin Park for some photos in the park with Jillian Kirby who took these wonderful photos of our family. As you see, our family is complete. We need some photos to hang on the wall. It feels right to hang the photos on the wall! Nobody is missing. We had ice cream on the way home too! It was good! And, we listened and sang to the wonderful CD Snacktime by the Barenaked Ladies! Awesome CD, you need to pick one up! The kids sing the song Popcorn, and Allergies like there is no tomorrow. Brings a lot of joy to us right now! Music, gotta love it!

As for the only one missing from our family well that would be the baby that we lost via miscarriage five years ago yesterday. On Fathers Day, June 15th, 2003 to be exact. I still miss that baby that could have been going into Kindergarten this September. And the beautiful pink peonie plant from my Papa did not bloom this year and that made me a bit sad. And also sad for Cliff who most likely just spent his last Fathers Day with his Dad yesterday. But, it was a good day all around. We made some good memories yesterday! Cliff's Dad said he felt almost like normal which was wonderful to hear.

I am happy the good weather is here! It is so nice to see blue sky and shadows :D

This morning, we had a pukey Caroline who is sleeping quietly on the couch. Poor babe.

Well, I have a pick up to do, and I have photos to download! Look for those soon!

Happy Monday!

Happy Birthday Grannie! We love you!

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Shawna said...

Sounds like a great weekend - mixed with lots of emotion. It's hard to remember and hard to look forward so good job on just living in the moment and loving it!