Sunday, June 01, 2008

Happy June!

Well, here it is June 1st and it is so cloudy, but it made for a good run day that is for sure.

As for the quiz yesterday on our family, I will wait until I get more answers and then I will post which answer is correct.

Not much to say, except the weekends go by way too quickly. The dinner is done, kids bathed, diapers changed, teeth brushed and books are read and recorded and it is almost bed time. A new week will begin once again.

Make a great week!


Anonymous said...

Happy June cousin. Hard to believe it is June with this crappy weather... Imagine, it's already half way through the year! Where did that go??? xo Andrea xo

ticblog said...

June already. ~whew~ 3 months until I start University - yikes!!!!