Tuesday, June 03, 2008

one is silver, and the other is gold

Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and other is gold.

Remember that little camp 'round' song. I cannot help but sing it these days. Friends are so very important!

I have been enjoying meeting up with old friends, and when I mean old I mean friendships that date back to high school or longer. It is nice to once in awhile inject my current life, with a bit of a blast from the past! Adding in some fun in my otherwise normal 'Mommy' life that I live daily.

I was fortunate last week to get out for dinner with a friend that has my same name, Catherine. And she is Kathryn. I go by Cathy and she goes by Kate. She is now a doctor, who is married to a doctor. We haven't seen each other for over 10 years but as we met at the local Milestones it was like time stood still and we had never left each others side. It was a wonderful feeling. Even after all of the years apart, we still have much in common and I love that.

Tomorrow night I am going out to a 'goodbye dinner' with my old work pals. The people that were like home to me before I had my first baby in 1999. I am so excited to see so many old faces and friends again. I think this will refresh me! And bring me back to the time when I had a career, a little red sports car and I earned a good paycheque. Back in the day when I made more money than my husband did. (He was still working on his career and I was his sugar-mama LOL) Oh good times. Good times.

And, in a couple of weeks I will be going on a 'foursome' with my sister April, and two sisters named Wendy and Toby. Wendy is my friend, and Toby is April's friend. We have been trying to get together for years now. I met Wendy for lunch back when I was pregnant with Claire. Well, Claire is now 7. Way too long. So, the last time we all (four of us) saw each other were at a more sad event. It was a celebration to remember their Step-Dad Russell a couple of weeks back. We decided that the four of us needed to go out together, and so a date has been set. In a couple of Saturdays from now, we are going to watch a roller derby match in our old 'home town' and then out for a dinner to catch up. I know we will have a good time together. I know lots of old stories will come out, and lots of laughter when the four of us get together. I cannot wait. Just what the doctor has ordered!

And then, my new friends. All of these new fabulous friends! The friends who like photography, the friends who run, the friends who love fitness, the mom-friends, the school friends, coffee friends, the blogging friends, the online friends, my forum friends.

Both the old and new friends are so important on so many levels in my life!

Today, I say thank you to all of my fabulous friends! And for those I am awaiting to meet soon, I cannot wait.

I am thankful for friends both old and new in my life.

What is that line? Thank you for being a friend!!



LauraC said...

Thank you for being a great blog friend!

I was just telling Jon at lunch today about how close you are to your goal of meeting up for Oprah!

Christine/ArmyBrat said...

I have a friend from way back in kindergarten or Grade 1. The last time we SAW each other was at my wedding but we correspond via email and letters. We've been pregnant at the same time twice now. I had Nicholas a couple months before she had her twin girls and this time she's due in June or July (with twins again but a girl and a boy this time) and I'm due in August.

Surprisingly, when we get together, even after WAY too many years, we pick up where we left off. Those are friendships to cherish. I'm glad you have those kinds of friendships too.

Kerry said...

I like the sugar-mama part...LOL!