Thursday, March 05, 2009

Out of TV Land

Sorry, these published backwards! So, did you see it? 

Meet Fiona Forbes on my right, and Michael Eckford on my left! They were just as charming, funny and down to earth as on their show Urban Rush! They made me feel completely comfortable and at ease! is your turn! I was waiting to sit down on the familiar to me yellow Urban Rush couch! My segment was about 7 ish minutes, and it went by REALLY fast!

Really cool to have a couple of 'Smart Cookies' in the greenroom. Remember Carly filmed a little segment for them, well Sandra (the Savvy Spender!)  was her host. Small world. So, I re-inroduced myself to her, and I asked her for a photo op! Why not, it is not very often you get to meet somebody who has graced Oprah's stage! Wow! The other smart cookie was Robyn (the Cash Councilor) she was in make up. SO awesome to be on the same show!

And of course, me with that darn slate! I stressed for days over this thing! So, I figured it out. I even got to pick which colour I wanted. I chose pink of course. Oh, if you are wondering why Cameron was not in school, well we decided to give him some 'life experience' instead of school. Are we the coolest parents Ever?! LOL. He had a great time, eating something like four pastries/cookies off the greenroom table! He met Michael, Fiona, and the Smart Cookies too!


I am back, no wait...I have been back since Tuesday, and today (well late yesterday evening) between bites of my Subway sandwich tonigh I downloaded my photos from my trip to the Shaw Studios/Urban Rush set. I have been busy with my marathon training program too. Last night 7 km steady, tonight 7 big bad hills and about 13 km later we were done! Whew. Next week 8! Anyways...sorry to side track like that. It has just been so crazy!

It was a wonderful experience, and I made some pretty wonderful people. Here are couple from that surreal day! 

Cathy xo


LauraC said...

Cathy, you are such an inspiration!! This is fantastic. I wrote a whole blog post dedicated to you on my blog!

Cathy said...

Oh Laura, you are too kind. Thank you. Thank YOU!

Hope Walls said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet. I love it!

The Hoegler Family said...

Hi Cathy.

Sorry I didn't catch the rerun either. You keep amazing me. And I wonder what your mom drank when she was pregnant with you. I heard April came to support you at the TV station too. That is so nice. You guys have the nicest family ever!

Take care!
Love from Hege

Yvonne said...

Watched your segment on You Tube. Great job Cathy!!