Friday, June 12, 2009

Crazy kinda, well really crazy. Really.

It is Friday, and really I am glad that it is, but it just means that I have Cliff around during the day to help which I just love! 

The last week has been rather trying. I felt like I was losing all control. I was not, but I think with lack of sleep, and just the sheer busy of my life has left me a little drained. 

On Wednesday I went on a field trip with Cameron's class to the waterslides. It was so much fun! I slid on the rides over and over. Great fun, and would make for a great family trip one day. I am not quite ready to bring all six kids there just yet. Maybe with some extra hands (Like Jon and Kate have LOL) it would be do-able. But I would be worried about losing somebody even though the gates are locked and they couldn't get out. Too many hiding places! It would be a stressful time. 

Life has been stressful enough. My work is keeping me busy, same with all of the family obligations. I made it into bed only ONCE this week. Every other night, I pass out on the sofa exhausted. I need to get more sleep in my BED. But it hardly happens!  I have to work on this I think. It seems to be in the family though, because I know my Aunt, my sisters, my Mom etc. have or still do the same thing LOL.

We are counting down the weeks left until school is out on the 25th of June. On the 26th of June we leave for a weekend away. Why? To "remember" Cliff's Dad aka Grandpa. On the 27th of June marks one year of his passing already. It really doesn't get any easier to not have him with us. Only harder at times. He is very missed still.  So, instead of getting phone calls etc. we have decided to go as a family (with Mom) to our favourite summer spot. We will play on the beach, and BBQ and have a good family time. Last year, this time was a very unhappy time. We want to create some happier memories.

I am still injured. I have made an appointment with a sports physio person that has come highly recommended. So, I hope that I can get back into running again. I need my stress relief!! I miss my runs! I have only gone on 4 runs since my last bad run that was on April 4th. 

I am also going to join a local gym. Enough is enough. None of my pants fit, and I am tired of feeling like this. I am going to do some cardio there, and do some weights to strengthen up my body. I have my 20 year reunion coming up in September. I want to feel as good as I did this winter!! I miss that feeling.

Anyways! I am excited for my cousin, who is due with her second baby June 18th, and my Granny is going to turn 88 on June 16th. Lots of excitement going on!

The end of the school year is always crazy, and I look forward to having a more leisurely summer if that is possible. We have two of our girls going to summer school, two kids going to a RCMP cadet camp program, we have the PNE, we have another trip to our favourite summer spot at the end of summer. Oh, and several birthday kids too! And, of course, in September Catie enters the school system! She starts Kindergarten! So hard to believe! She was born when Cameron was entering Kindergarten. 

Lots and lots of stuff to be excited for!

Happy Friday!

Cathy xo

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Alyson said...

I miss running too. Sooooo frustrating when the injury does not go away.