Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hardly ever

I realize I hardly ever take photos of the kids, or the family anymore. I still have Carly's birthday photos in an organized envelope on my desk. I need to buy an album for her still. All of my personal stuff kind of put on hold. I have her next birthday at the end of August! I hope to have that all squared away by then. Time flies by, and I have other stuff to do all of the time. 

So, I have decided that I will be buying a point and shoot camera to take on family outings and vacations. Easy, no pressure. Just family memories. I need to make more of those. I was thinking of the importance of photos. Dane Sanders only has one photo of him and his Dad. His Dad died when he was a wee little guy. Click on his link that says "two by two" to view his story on video. His Dad wasn't into photography, as a result no memories. 

Cliff, he has two SMALL albums of photos that I put together for him. I fortunately have a whole bunch! I was the first born. I feel fortunate to have those, and all of the memories my Mom and Dad saved for me along the way.

Anyways, I have decided I need to enjoy my family time, and just shoot snapshots just for fun. Nothing creative, just fun snaps of the family and our life together as eight. 

So, if you don't take any photos...maybe you need to take a few! Your kids and family will thank you. Sometimes it is not about getting the most technically perfect photo. I have to remember this daily! 

Now, I need to find a photog. to take our yearly family photo. The last time we had a professional photo Courtney was just sitting up, and had no hair. My how all of us have changed since then. Life has changed since then!

Professional photogs? Who would like to shoot our family session? Any takers?

Cathy xo


Michelle said...

what a good point you make Cathy.I too want more family pictures ..maybe we could trade time?

Anita said...

Intereting that your post is about pictures and memories... my 4 year old daughter (soon to be 5 this October)..was telling me that she is going to miss being 4 years old and a kid..when she is 5 she is going to be a big girl. She was worried that she wouldn't remember the things she did when she was 4!! (What?? Deep for a 4yr old girl??) But I told her that I take lots of pictures so when she gets older she can look back and remember all the fun things we did and where we went. I also told her it doesn't matter how old you get.. you can be a kid in your heart! :] So yes, I would encourage you to just take those family pictures... have fun!

Allyson said...

I like your idea of a point and shoot honey. Time flies by way too quickly~I know this much to be true.
Had to laugh, that you used this "amateur's" picture of the 8 of you taken at our place at Eastertime! Still makes me smile, especially Caroline's little orange legs! xx

The Hoegler Family said...

How about Audry, she took beautiful pictures of our family before Mattias' surgery. I noticed on Facebook that you know her too.