Monday, June 22, 2009

Post No. 1000

My not so baby baby Coco. She is a Momma's girl. She doesn't talk much, but the other day in the van she said "BOOM BOOM POW" just like that! She just keeps those fingers in her mouth! She loves her fingers!

She likes to sleep on me. You see her hair, well her sisters put soap in it and it was all gross! She is getting so big! 

I found my passion again! 

She still misses our feeds! She grabs for me every morning and night! 

When I began this blog, back in May of 2006. I had only 5 kids and they were all 6 and under.

Over three years later, 1000 posts later, thousands of readers later. I sit here, doing pretty much the same thing! Blogging that is. Except I keep too many blogs! LOL. I am so glad I decided to blog. I look back and think wow, did we really have this or that happen. What a good way to collect the memories that I would most likely forget by now. I wouldn't want to go back. I don't think.

Lately, I have been feeling rather blue. I have been feeling down. I feel the stress of my life eating at me. Sometimes I feel like I cannot swallow or breathe. I don't get enough sleep. And when I do, it is on the couch. 

It could be the month. Maybe because I have been thinking of my Father in Law. We had our first Fathers Day without him yesterday. I could tell that Cliff was missing him. He went out golfing  with my Uncle, and my cousin's husband. I  know he wished he was with his Dad too. I know Cliff hurts, but doesn't really share this with words to me. He wore his "Big Earl Golf Classic" shirt, and used his Dad's golf  clubs because "they are better than his!" We tried to fill the weekend with fun, and enjoyment. But it didn't really work I don't think. He said he really enjoyed Saturday, so that is good. Today is a new day. Another first has passed.

It is a Monday. I have six kids, that are 9 and under. This summer, that all changes. My first born starts his double digits! He will be ten. Three more school days left Three more sets of lunches to make! That means all of the paper work comes home. That means I will be doing some year end organizing! I will conquer that after a weekend away with the family. Taking off for a weekend at the beach. Father in Law would have wanted us to do that. He always wanted us to have fun! So, at the year mark of his passing  on Saturday we will be on the beach, making sand castles and eating bbq'd foods. We miss him. We cannot believe that the year mark is almost here. That will complete the first YEAR. 

Heavy stuff. This year has really taken its toll on us all. I certainly feel older, less happy. And without running like is not that great. I have been eating too much of course. And so not many of my clothes fit. I have my twenty year reunion this September. I am sort of looking forward to it, sort of not. I have less than three months to get my act together. I am going to get my teeth whitened. I am going to lose about twenty pounds LOL. I should have been only ten, but this is life right!

So, I have to get on my feel good plan again! Enough of the crummy eating. I have my first physio appointment tonight, and one next week. I am hoping he can get me on track so that I can get back to running. I was hoping for the full marathon in October, then the half and now really I would be happy to run the 8 km run in Victoria. I would be happy to run over 5 km without any pain. I am hoping all will be well, so I can put all the parts back together. That healthy eating, exercising and the healthy mindshift! I know it will happen, and I just have to be patient with this all. I have only gone on four runs since that horrible run of April 4th

Well! I wonder what the next 1000 posts will be like? We will be entering the tweens. Enough said. 


fawndear said...

Congrats on 1000 real-life, honest to goodness posts. We all have ups and downs and what's neet about blogging is that we can find other amazing people out there (like You!) who are having the same struggles and challenges. HANG IN THERE!!! The down times don't last forever and they certainly make the victories that much sweeter.

LauraC said...

Happy 1000th post! Cathy I think I have read them all! And I will definitely be here to read the next 1000. I can't believe what you've accomplished in that time.

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to your family! A loss is not easy. May you find comfort and peace.

Donna said...

1000 post - I can only dream to aspire to that lofty number!!
Life is such a roller coaster ride, sometimes wayyy down, but then it always goes back up again (then next it is upside down - LOL)

I look forward to reading the next 1000 posts Cathy! Thanks for opening this little window into your life for all of us!

Anita said...

I know a death in the family is hard... next month will be a year and a half that my mom passed away from cancer..I wonder if it ever gets easier...or we just learn how to 'cope' better.. I don't know.. I know it gives me comfort to talk about her to my children..look at photos and keep her in my mind -- gives me a bit of peace. The ONLY comfort that I know is that I will see her in heaven and we will be there for eternity.... I hope your family can continue to mend over your husbands dad passing ~~ blessings