Tuesday, June 02, 2009

World's worst parents?

I don't know, but when your almost five year old daughter escapes the house, and gets locked outside and tries to climb up the fence (on the inside of our yard--we have double fencing to keep the kids in ha ha take THAT) And that child is screaming and crying at the top of the fence stuck. Cliff didn't hear her! And a neighbour girl is about to rescue her at the same time Cliff was going to find the location of the child who was stuck!  She asked why the kids cry all the time. She also asked if he has a wife LOL. Pardon? Is it any of your business? Have you tried keeping the peace with six kids? I would say crying and loud is just part of childhood, and especially being outside. Should I be keeping my kids quiet? Not allow them to express who they are (within reason?)

It is not like we party the night away, and the noisy times are not all day, but comments like that just sting.

Uh, 21 year old single girl. Just you wait. 

Anyways, Daddy was in *charge* of just Catie (aka escapee/monkey) Courtney and Caroline. Cameron was at a play date, and I was out with the big girls at their yoga class. 

When I heard about this, I felt so attacked. And it just made me want to pack up and move to some large acreage where kids can just be kids with in reason of course.

Just had to vent.


LauraC said...

Oh Cathy, think about how stupid 21 year olds can be. I know I was a very dumb 21 year old, proclaimed I would never have kids bc they are too loud and noisy.

Well now I have to stop at two bc THE NOISE! IT IS DEAFENING.

And you have three times as many as me!

(I went to a mall food court when I was pregnant and almost had a panic attack bc the noise was SO LOUD at the play area.)

Anyone who knows you knows that you are a great parent, good mom, good partner. Screw the stupid 21 year old.

Shawna said...

Silly neighbour girl has no clue! You guys are far from being the worlds worst parents, if anything ya'll are the polar opposite!

But I don't blame you for wanting to move maybe we should all move to South Langley, buy a big plot of land and raise free range children ;)

Cathy said...

Thank you Laura and Shawna for making me feel better this morning. I/we work so hard to raise good kids! It just feels like sometimes we are not doing a good enough job.

I get tired of hearing the neighbours trying to tell them to stop crying etc. It is a free country right? And when things get too loud in the backyard I usually pull them into the house and talk to them.

xo xo

Sarah said...

Don't let that girl's comments sting you. She really knows nothing about having children. And one day she will have her own and understand what the Empey family next door was all about!
I have seen you 2 in action and you are far, far, far from the worst parents in the world. Please don't think of your self that way EVER AGAIN!

Cathy said...

P.S. Shawna, I am all over the big plot of land in S. Langley. Is P in?

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about? My 5 are perfect and quiet all the time! j/k I really think not!

There would be something wrong with your children if they didn't make any noise.

That girl better watch out, karma is a bad thing.

I really enjoy when you write stories about your kids, I can always relate to them. :D

Now how do we entertain our blessings for the summer???

Shauna said...

Hi there! You might not know me (Lol) but I remember you from the Pixies (BBC) and I've followed your blog all of this time :) I think it's pretty great that you are raising 6 kiddos, we are about to have 4, all boys.
Just today, two women came knocking at my door saying they had found a baby near the hwy that we live right off of. They wanted to know if he was mine, and I said no but there are alot of parents around here with kids. And so she went around knocking on doors, and I stayed here with him. This mom was napping with him, when he evidently woke up and snuck out of the house. She was terrified.
I just wanted to share it with you, because stuff happens like that! It's called "life" and I'm sorry you got such flames for it, that was not needed and uncalled for! And besides, what would we do if our children were always quiet, lol..no noise? I wouldn't know what to think!!


Anonymous said...

lol can't wait til that young girl has her own kiddos lol karma....

Irma said...

When you find the answer to quiet happy normal children...please let me in on the secret! (-:

Oh wait...I think I got it...that what a picture is good for...you just remember their sweet faces minus the noise! (-:

Noise, we deal with this every day too! I just love my evenings...even though they seem to be starting later and later...probably why I go to bed so late!

Takke care Irma

Michelle said...

That girl has no idea !!! just you wait 10 years and you'll see her *hopefully * looking tired with a child or two...