Thursday, May 28, 2009


This is the first of many summers where I will not be pregnant or breastfeeding. I really like wearing dresses, and seeing this photo of Shawna, made my think I need to wear a dress! 

I did buy a beautiful "goal" dress in a size six, and it is currently sitting in my closest staring at me. I have put on a good 8 pounds by not running, and keeping up the same eating habits of when I was training. 

Where is a great place to buy dresses? I am going to wear dresses all summer!!  I have no restrictions now! My body is my own! The only thing is I need a below the knee to sort of hide my ugly man vein legs!

Any ideas for what would look good on me? I need some help!  And shoes, what does one wear with dresses these days? Oh, and I need reasonable!! 

Cathy xo


Anonymous said...

Sears is good, suzy shier,winners
and I'd wear sandles of any sort,depending of you like low, no or high heel for dreessy.. how aobut army and navy and Ricki's? Good luck!

LauraC said...

I vote for Ann Taylor Loft! So much cheaper than Ann Taylor but still fun non-mom dresses.

(Do you have Ann Taylor Loft in CA?)

Christy said...

I'm not big on dresses but Superstore's Joe line always seems to have cute on-trend dresses that are summery and fun.

Shawna said...

Oh Cathy - You make me blush!

I am a total dress girl, it helps hide the muffin top and is always cute.

My top picks for places to buy dresses: The Wal {aka: WalMart} - that's where that floral diddy is from. Winners, Superstore {As Christy said} & H&M.

If you head out to the Super WalMart in South Surrey, you can stop by H&M {it's right across the street}...Happy Dress Shopping! xo, *S

April said...

I agree, H&M has tons of maxi dresses, the ones that are long enough to cover the legs. Me likes too!

Cathy said...

Oooh! I am going to get some dresses this weekend. April, I had to Google maxi dresses. Me like. P.S. Can these be worn anytime? And what footwear?


Kristen said...

I'm a lurker who followed the link from your mom's blog. I have heard rave reviews about Dress Barn in the states, just thought I'd pass it along!

Cathy said...

Thank you so much Kirsten!